OT--AAAAACK! My wedding is in exactly 3 months!

<complete freak out>

OMG, I realized today that my wedding is in exactly three months from today. Exactly 13 weeks from right now I will be a Mrs.

It’s not the planning, that’s going quite smoothly. It’s not the tasks left to accomplish, those are going smoothly as well. It’s that something I’ve been dreaming about since I met my future husband over three years ago is going to become a reality. And reality is becoming reality, and that’s a little scary to me.

So yeah, I’m a little freaked. [size=6]THREE MONTHS!!![/size]
</complete freak out>

:roflhard: :roflhard: Hang in there!

:cheering: :cheering: You can do it!! Take it one day at a time :stuck_out_tongue:

breath in… breath out… you will be just fine…

[size=2]so glad we ran away[/size] :rofling:

Just make sure you do what I didn’t do, Enjoy the day. It’ll be over in a blink of an eye. :slight_smile:

I was so worried I had forgotten something that when we went down to give our parents their roses, instead of being caught up in the moment, I was worried I had forgotten the marriage license! While I was hugging my mom, I whispered in her ear, “Did you bring the license?”!!! Such a dork I was. :lol: :lol:

Hope you don’t mind that piece of advice…

I’ve actually heard that piece of advice before. For that reason, I’m having an extremely low-maintenance wedding. My bridesmaids can wear whatever they want, as long as they look nice and feel comfortable, there’s no assigned seating at my reception, and if my father’s family misbehaves then they’ll be kicked out. Most of the other details I’ve just let go of. I’m more nervous about the marriage than the wedding. But nervous in a “I can’t believe this is really going to be my life” kind of way. :happydance:

Don’t forget… we WILL need pictures!! :cheering:

BTW…I’ve been married for 31.5 yrs. Realize no one is perfect and remember everyday what you love about him and compromise. :slight_smile:

I love being married- there’s nothing like having someone who’s always in your corner, no matter what- marriage can be WORK- it doesn’t always sail along on it’s own with no help from the two of you, but keep the communication lines open and, like Jan said, always remember what it was about him that made you want to marry him. :heart:

:smiley: DITTO, Margie. Being married is the best thing in the world :inlove: I wish you much happiness & love :inlove:

Even the most perfectly planned out wedding is bound to have something go wrong. You just have to roll with it. (my dh’s friends kidnaped him the night before and got him drunk, He was green at the wedding but still made it and even lost some of the green by the time the wedding was over :wink: )

Like everyone else said, Enjoy your Day! :thumbsup:

Not to change the subject but aren’t nursing boards coming up too? :smiley:

Oh, thank you. I hadn’t remembered that. :rollseyes:

I’m having a ton of issues with nursing school right now, so the nursing boards are far from my mind. Graduation is up in the air (It will happen on 5/27, goddess willing and all things being equal). And, I decided not to take the boards until after the wedding, because I can and I really don’t need that much stress during a $300 test.

but yes, they’re coming up too.

Now, to get back on-topic, this is my headdress, which I hand-beaded myself:

That’s me and my real hair. :thumbsup:

:inlove: That is beautiful! :cheering:

Oh that is lovely–so are you! What a gorgeous bride you’ll be. And please post photos!

Re marriage: it’s wonderful, which is not to say it isn’t difficult at times. My advice–among the other little things you can do to make living together easier, always say please and thank you (never sarcastically). Or maybe the dh and I are just oddly polite… :wink:

Angelia, dh and I have wondered if we were wierd :lol: cause we always say please and thank you… your welcome but when we sit back and watch relative relationship or friends you never see that… being married is wonderful esp. if its your best friend… one thing that is not fair though is if we do have a disagreement dh knows all he has to do is walk in the room give me this look and I bust out laughing and its over thats just not fair lol when I wanna stew on it… although he says he also knows when to give me my space let me cool down and then I’ll come back to him ready to talk… :smiley:

I love your hair dress thats really pretty :inlove:

Beautiful headdress! Your hair is gorgeous, too!

We have always said please, thankyou, and your welcome, too. :wink:

Wow, there are a lot of us please/thank you/you’re welcome folks out there! Yay for that! :thumbsup:

Oh wow, that beadwork is beautiful.

I can only echo what’s been said before. Love each other, even when it’s not easy. The rest will take care of itself.

Good Luck!

I’m jumping in late here, but if you drink, do know that is is possible to get drunk at your wedding…I did :rollseyes: Too many different things–champagne, wine, beer, and the shots my co workers made me do. Please don’t think I’m white trash…I swear I’m not! I had a blast though (I think :?? :roflhard: )

Oh, I was the lowest maintenance bride ever. I wanted nothing to do with the planning and I went with the “first choice” on everything. I picked the first dress I tried on (seeing my mom cry when I stepped out of the dressing room did it for me!). To this day I have no idea what flowers I had or cake flavor or anything. The important part is WHO you’re marrying!

haha, yes I do know it’s possible to get drunk at my wedding, not sure I will though (and I don’t think you’re white trash).

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful words of support and advice. They really mean a lot to me.