OT - A Very Merry Christmas!

[size=6][/size] I just want to take a moment to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays! I wish blessings and the best of everything to you! :heart: :heart:

Thank you and I hope you all have a wonderfull christmas as well :hug: :muah:

Merry Christmas everyone! :grphug:

Just found this website and I think it’s great.

I hope everyone also has a great xmasssssssss. :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas all!!! =D

I was goofing around with my post and got beat out! Everyone have a Merry Christmas! Safe traveling for those of you getting in a car, plane, train, bus, etc!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

I wish I had a Santa emoticon to use. :teehee:

Thank you and Merry Christmas to all -


Thank you very much and I wish all of you [color=red]a MAGICAL, HAPPY HUMBUG AND A BRILLIANT 2007.[/color]



:muah: :cheering: xxx :present: :x: :balloons: xxx :eyes:

Yes, Merry Christmas to eveyone. Blessed new year! :muah:

Merry Christmas!!! :blooby:

Happy Humbug indeed! (I like that!) Merry Christmas everyone. I have a bad back and limped to church feeling like little Pip or was it Tom in one of the Charles Dickens novels. Hmmm wait, Christmas Carol that’s it!