OT: a new trade I want to learn - contact juggling

This stuff’s amazing :shock: I bought a baseball to practice :smiley: The only actual “Contact juggling” is where you don’t through the ball. It’s all in contact with the skin, sometimes called Body Rolling or palm spinning. Some people isolate the ball to make it look like it’s staying still and the hands are moving. It’s an illusion. Other times it’s just awesome to watch because there’s so much ball movement :roflhard:


I want to do more of what the Crazy Ball Trick and A rare sunny day in Hull
are involved with. Every Contact Juggler has his own style tho.

:happydance: Just had to share because I’ve been obsessed for 3 days. You may recognize it from Cirque de soleil: Dralion or The Labyrinth

It’s all about learning to let go (I have a habit of catching stuff before it falls), trusting, and learning to play with gravity and speed.


Best of luck! Hope you master it.

Then we want to see the video of you doing it :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

hehe :blush: Thanks :slight_smile: I’m having troubles as of now, but I just started today really. I need to buy me some real contact juggling balls, then Im sure it will go smoother. Hopefully in December I can go to a convention and learn from other people too. I did get to roll the ball from one hand through my chest and onto the other hand today :slight_smile: AKA: the “chest roll” that was so cool…but then it flew off about ten feet cause I didn’t stop it.

Lol it sounds like a fun thing to learn. Requires a whole lot of practice though! Well keep it up and then you can wow them at the convention :smiley:
See you already have one thing almost down and it’s only your first day! You’ll be a pro in no time.

[size=2]then we’ll hire you for parties :wink: [/size]

It’s all muscle memory and learning how the ball will roll on your hands and stuff so keep practicing! You’ll only get better!

Wow, that stuff is COOL!!! :shock: The Crazy Ball Trick video was my fav. of the ones I watched, I watched half of it.

I thought for sure there was some digital effects being added! For a minute I wondered if the ball itself was later added digitally. It really does look so smooth, it’s amazing to watch people totally dancing around it when it’s being held so still, that’s a great effect. Loved the dance moves in some of the vids. What a wild art!

Thanks for sharing! I can see why you’d be into that, I can totally appreciate it! That would be so cool to master! :thumbsup:

I’m so glad that you guys are as intrigued by it as I am (or intrigued at all really) :cheering: At the moment I’m trying to think of how and when I’m going to get an actual practice ball for it. The baseball really isn’t cutting it.

I love that you really gotta dance with it and …ahh…it’s just so amazing. Dancing’s natural to me anyway, so this could be good for me. I’m hoping my boyfriend will try it out too. He thinks it’s really cool, and I really want us to go to Austin and attend a Sphereplay convention there. I’m just hoping my boyfriend doesnt get too frustrated by the ball falling a lot.

I really like the crazy ball trick one too. It says it’s noob tricks, but man I can’t do any of that yet. But then, it all looks so cool to me. And the Isolations, I imagine, are really hard to do compared to the rest. Because you really have to keep the ball in one place for the illusion to work.

Another reason I want to try this out is because I’ve not been very sociable with other people for about two years…just because of highschool and transitioning to now. I just graduated, and I thought a lot of people in high school were immature. So now I’m always with my boyfriend and we never hang out with anyone but ourselves. I want this to be a way for us to express ourselves, or at least myself if he doesn’t get into it, and so that I can get more friends, or just more things happening to me during the day that are pleasurable. Instead of just sitting around all day thinking about what I could be doing. It’s really starting to get to me, and going to the gym just wont make up for it - it’s too routinely. But I know I also need the gym or some form of exercise.