OT: A kid free night!

:shock: What the heck?? Really?? It’s a joke right?? Nope… no joke. My first kid free night out with my husband since… ohhh… over a year ago. The last time we went out together was on my birthday. OMG!!

It’s only a work function (quiz night) so it will only be for a couple of hours, but still… We’re going out nonetheless. It’s a big deal in this house. We never get time to just go out together.

Have fun!!! :happydance:

Have a good time. I know just how rare those evenings are!!

Have fun! :happydance:

Congrats… enjoy, savory… now… plan a real night out just you & him… an afternoon… an entire morning… something… you both deserve it!!! Life is too short… trust me on this:XX:

P.S. can someone tell me why I am adding more projects to my list when I am up to my eyeballs in projects as it is?