OT: a great chowder for the stormy days ahead

This recipe was on one of our local (Portland ME) evening shows “207”. I made it Sunday and we had it last night for supper… yummie… Wanted to share it with fellow foodies.

Don Morrison’s Crab and Corn Chowder

4 oz. Butter
1 ea. Large Onion (diced fine)
4 ea. Large Potatoes (cubed and cooked)
1 cup 1/2 & 1/2
1 cup Evap. Milk
1 cup Clam Broth (we omitted this- did not have fresh and do not care for bottled)
2 cans Canned Whole Kernel corn (Drained but save the Juice) (used Niblits mmmmm)
1 can Creamed Corn
2 tsp Old Bay Seasoning
1 1/2 pounds Fresh, hand picked Maine Crabmeat

Step 1: Preheat 6-quart soup pot on med high heat with butter.

Step 2: Add onions, whole Corn, and half the crabmeat. Cook until onions are clear. Add Old bay seasoning and Cook 3 more minutes.

Step 3: Add Clam broth, liquid from corn, and creamed corn. Bring to boil and add evap. milk and 1/2 & 1/2 and slowly bring chowder to a low simmer being careful not to boil. Add potatoes. Add the remainder of the Crabmeat the next day, just before serving the chowder.

Step 4: Cool chowder in refrigerator overnight and serve the following day. All chowders are always best if made the day before. Enjoy!

It sounds awesome–I might have a hard time getting “fresh hand picked Maine crab” down here in Georgia but I’ll definately give it a try with whatever I can rustle up! :slight_smile:


[color=blue]I know… that is a tough one lol. I buy my crabmeat frozen in the seafood department. Never was fond of canned… but the frozen is great!


mmmm :heart: that sounds yummy! :heart:

This sounds awesome! We love chowder. Thanks for the recipe! :hug:


Now I want crab cakes and it’s all your fault.

Here’s my pie recipe, created from whatever was in the fridge when my stovetop was cracked and I was about to leave so no point buying more food:

Make your pie case from fresh or shop-bought sheets of pastry
Mix: diced chicken (raw), broccoli, mushrooms, lots of chopped bacon, a bit of onion, some carrot or (probably better be cooked) potato or peas or all three if you want, celery, leek, anything else you think might go. Leave out whatever you don’t like, change proportions depending on what you do.
Add seasonings: salt, pepper, anything else you think will go nicely.

Put some of the mix into the pastry in the pie dish (no need to bake blind). Crack two or three eggs in various locations, add some more of the mix, a couple more eggs, do this as much as you want to. Cook until, well, it’s done, I usually do it for 50 or 90 minutes at 180 degrees C.
Americans, that’s a kind of typical temperature for baking/cooking, I’d guess a ‘medium’ oven heat.


Hi Anne,

DH and I saw that recipe on 207 too…we’ve been meaning to try it. I’m happy to hear from a “real” person who has. Bundle up for the snow tomorrow! -Deb

I don’t want snow!!

I won’t mind as long as it’s all snow. It’s supposed to be really windy, so my commute tomorrow is not going to be fun. My son came in earlier and asked if school was cancelled yet!

Mmmm that sounds good. :drooling:

I use step 4 for my chili. It’s always better after being refrigerated and reheated. The only time I can’t do that is for chili cook-offs, but I’ve still won 4 of them.

The recipe for the chowder sounds good, but being in Florida I am not sure our crab would be as good for it. I’ve had both cold water and our warm water crab and it does taste different. Ours are better for smoking, deviling, and roasting than boiling.

[color=blue]I love :heart: crab cakes! mmm now I am hungry!

anne [/color]

[color=blue]Hi Deb! Yes it is wonderful… :cheering: so thick the next day mmmmm. We got 18 inches of snow yesterday… was wild… but so beautiful.

anne [/color]


You might be able to get frozen Maine crab… I have had South Carolina Rock crab and it has the same sort of sweet taste. Not sure about Florida’s. I want to be in Florida! :cheering: Chili is on our menu tonight… have to go home and clean up from the storm so it will taste good (I hope lol)

anne [/color]

Frozen seafood? Perish the thought! :rofl:

I know “horrors” lol. But it is not bad, really. I much prefer fresh when I can get it… mmmm love :heart: a large pot of crabs, steamed with some Old Bay… mmmm crunchy bread, nice bottle of wine— friends around the table… a great way to spend an evening. :cheering:

anne [/color]

Ain’t living in maine Great?
my Daughters friends Dad goes diving for sea urchins
one of my neighbors sells lobsters (and craps and scallops and shrimp if I ask)
my New GF picks shrimp meat so has about 50-150Lbs in her freezer by the end of spring, and her cousin took her Ice fishing and she came home with 94 Smelts (and she did not cook me up even one yet :?? )

Fishing for most seafoods is so wonderfully commonplace
I love it

even when we are frozen in (like now)