OT: A gift and a freebie!

This past weekend, I attended Lunacon, a science fiction convention with my friend (even though I am not all that into science fiction). But there were courses there, and one of them was basic crochet, so I went. When I went there, I met a nice lady who was advanced in crochet but wanted to figure out how to teach classes from the instructor. The next day, after the course, we were at another class where the woman was, and she had this beautiful corcheted dragon with her. I complimented her on it, saying it was very well made. She called her husband over, who had the dragon, and she handed it to me! I was in shock as I thanked her over and over again for the kind gift. All she said was to give him a good name and a good home. My friend and I decided to share him; I get him during the week, her on weekends. His name is P.D., pronounced almost like Petey. It stands for “Pretty Dragon”.

Also, I went to the LYS to get more yarn for a pair of socks, and I found an old issue of Knit Scene with the Central Park Hoodie in it. Best of all, it was free!

Just thought I’d share my good fortune with the rest of KH :hug:


That is so cool! He’s very cute!

that is some great karma!!! I love when days like that happen- and that is a very cute dragon…

Woot! Free stuff rocks!

I just don’t know what I did to deserve all of it!