OT: a funny create your own

I saw this on a blog I read and it was fun! Make yourself as a South Park character.
This is me (cause you know I’m a heavenly princess!):

Fun! I just did one and want to share it but can’t figure out how to copy and save. Tips?


Waaah. I want to play! How do I copy and paste? :??

(I just told a couple of my staff members about the site and now we are going to create South Park characters for each person on our staff for our staff Christmas party next week. Hee! :happydance: [size=2] Yes, I do work at a church. [/size]

So fun! THanks for sharing.

EC - If you click on the “help” button it will walk you through saving. :thumbsup:

Dont worry about South Park vs. working at a church…If you’ve watched SP, you’d know that Jesus LIVES there! :roflhard: (That’s bad, I know…but, you know, FORGIVENESS and all!)


I created mine a week ago because I wanted to do it. Here it is…(my hairs not really orange…but they didnt have a dirty blonde color and i like my hair to be red)

My hair would so be red in a cartoon!

This is soo much fun! My hair isn’t orange, it’s black… but the black hair wouldn’t show up on the forest background so well… so I picked orange.

How cool!

:roflhard: This was just too fun!! I’ll try to post it later. I’m having problems saving it as a jpg for some reason.


I tried to click on the website at school, and our web filter came up!!!

“You can not access this web site. Reason: Pornopraphy. Your administrator has been notified”


Can’t seem to figure out how to make it a jpg. Let’s see if this works…

Hildie!!! :shock:


Figures. Hilde yer goin to hell :devil:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: You think?

Hilde…OMG that is too funny! Anything to do with South Park though usually has some kind of smut involved. Maybe it also blocked it because of the .de extension.

This is me after too much studying

:roflhard: :roflhard: That’s great femmy!

Kemp, two of the women on my staff were in my office looking at this thread, and when they saw the one of you next to your avatar they agreed that it looked like you!

These are so much fun! Thanks for the linky!

These are hilarious! I forgot my background so I’ll have to try again.

This is me after I’ve realized how much Christmas knitting I still have left to do. :rollseyes: