OT: A couple Christmas related links

:oops: Umm, there are other links (ads) on the page with the video that might not be suitable for younger eyes. :oops:

Remember that link a while back with the synchronized house lights? Well here’s one from Canada ([size=2]yes I had to put the canadian reference in there[/size])
House Lights

This one is titled Christmas Piano Balls

([size=2]Just watch it before you get too many ideas in your head[/size])

Thats frikkin awesome Beldie!!! :shock:

those are cool…i actually saw the piano guy and was mightily entertained for the 45 seconds he was on…thankfully it wasn’t much longer, my attention span is short.

ummmm however, there are some links on those pages that may not be good for your kids to see if they are watching with you. :rollseyes:

yeah, i can TOTALLY do that with my balls on the piano :slight_smile:

:rofling: :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard: :rofling:

We want pictures! :roflhard:

i prefer to keep my piano balls private, thank you :shock: