OT: $5 Gucci Bag

Thought you all would get a kick out of this story…enjoy. :slight_smile:


That is some story. I’d be very angry if my dh went thru my “stuff” to sell too. But he knows better so thats good. Plus we dont’ “do” garage sales. I wonder if she’ll ever get her purse back? :!!!:

My DH has the same problem too (not listening). For example, I told him about some news I read it on the paper, then a week later, he told me the exact same news, except that he put it this way “guess what Bob told me today that he read on the news last week?!..”

The same thing with me. The not listening part. Was it yesterday or Friday, hmmm, anyway, we’re at the store and I pointed something out and not even 5 seconds later (I’m not lying) he says the same thing to me!!! I’m like, hello??? I just said that. Ugh, husbands sometimes… :gah:

I have 5 older brothers, you’d think I’d be used to it by now… :rofling:

Somehow my brother listens and acknowledges everything I said. Maybe his wife is the one of the very few lucky women on earth.

Yeah, my DH does this too. The most hillarious yet maddening time was when he felt the need to tell me a story about a date he had with an old girlfriend and the place “they” went and krappe was actually a date WE HAD! :wall:
what a dork…

sounds like my DH has twins everywhere! :wall: Why do they do this?

thats what he gets! :twisted:
he better learn how to listen. men kill me. between my DH and DS they listen as much as a deaf person. :grrr:

Thank goodness my husband isn’t stupid enough not to listen when it comes to de-cluttering and selling old stuff…


(and thank goodness i’m not stupid enough to pay that kind of money for a handbag!!)