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Ok, guys. This is going to sound like a weird question, but it could really help me out with a paper I’m writing. So…here it is:

On a scale from 1-10, (one being dislike and 10 being obsessed) how much do you like MASH*?

Thanks everyone!

I would say about an eight. I still love to watch it when I remember it is on but I don’t HAVE to watch it. My kids love it too.

I would say 10.

Anytime I see it on I watch it. I remember watching the show as a child, and love watching it now as an adult, and realizing all of the stuff that was over my head years ago.

I think the show is still quite relevant. The way the writers and actors blended drama, comedy, and angst was amazing.

I think the show did a wonderful job of showing how war effects people…but not just war, how living is a constant learning experience. How it is possible to make the best of a horrible situation, and that everyone is down sometimes, but that with a good support system, it is possible to live and learn in any situation.

It stresses the need for human contact both physical and emotional, and showes that you can’t live as an island unto yourself…ok…maybe I’d rate it a 10. :slight_smile:

I echo everything letah75 said and I would easily rate it a 10! The ending of the show brought me to tears…not many series finales have done that since(if any).

lol It is on now, lol I say a 10. I was pregnant w/ DD when the finale came on. I was crying so much, my parent’s thretened to turn it off… I was 24 at the time, lol



I’d say an 8.

10, and will gladly echo any sentiment shared above. I’m an army brat, so it was almost required viewing while growing up. And I happily watch it whenever I come across it.

A 10! I love the show. I remember when it first came on–way before TV Land.

Can I vote 0??? :??

I absolutely cannot STAND that show!!! If it even comes on, as soon as I hear the theme music - no matter what I am doing - I will RUN to change the channel. Maybe it’s because my dad watched it all the time when I was a kid??? Whatever the reason, I do this when it comes on! :grrr::grrr::grrr::grrr:

[SIZE=1]PS - Hope I wasn’t too harsh! And that it helps your paper![/SIZE]

:shrug:a 5. its ok. i like it but i dont have to watch it, and i only watch it if dh happens to have it on

6 I am mostly not in favor one way or another but i do like it. I will stop and watch it if i am flipping channels and come across it and there is nothing else on that i want to watch. I don’t go out of my way to watch it though.

When I was in college my roommate and i went to a friend’s house to visit him and when we walked in he was watching MAS*H. This was well after the show had ended. She looks at him and says “You know that’s a repeat right?” :teehee:

I’d say 9. I love that show!

The movie: 5. The series: 6. I liked Charles a lot better than that idiot Frank!


Don’t like it. I guess I was too young to “get it” when it was first on, and now that it’s been in repeats non-stop for so long, it just seems so redundant. I don’t like scripted shows that are so close to (not good) reality either so I may not have liked it if I was old enough anyway!

I’ll say 8 as well. I remember as a child I hated it and my parents watched it every night I hated to hear that theme song. Somehow I didn’t realise it was actually a sitcom (I love those!). Now I like it a lot but I don’t set my alarm for it… well I have seen most of the later episodes.

I stood in line for hours at the Smithsonian to see the MAS*H exhibit. I remeber in high school crowding around the black and white TV in the basement of our dorm (all girls boarding school). We all cried soooooo hard and stayed up all night talking about it. I :heart: that show.

As an adult I like to see it if its on but I never see it anywhere.

My vote is a definate 10+10+10+10+10+10+10!!!

Hmmmm, maybe a 7?

DH and I are watching the dvds right now (we’re on season 5) and it’s just not as good as I’d hoped. It’s not making me laugh very much, but it is very well-acted and sometimes interesting.

It’s nice not having all the commercial interruptions, though. :slight_smile:

That show rocks! But I don’t obsess over it, so it’s a 9.