OT: 3000 Dead in Iraq

I’m listening to NPR and the news just came on and they said that the death toll in Iraq has reached 3000. It makes me want to cry. Perhaps 2007 will be the year that peace breaks out around the world :pray:

Nadja xxx

Is the 3000 refering to American troops?
Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi’s have been killed including women and children.

WOW! You’re absolutely right. The report came from the Pentagon refering to American Troops. We can’t forget about the ALL the innocent American, Iraqi and Afghani lives that have been lost in the war.

Nadja xxx

I doubt there will ever be peace in the world. But it will be wonderful to have our troops back HOME.

It’s all worth it though, because Jesus told Geroge Bush so.

600-650k civlians dead.

Oooooh I hope this doesn’t become a political post…


I hope so too. KH has a history of respectful adult conversation, even regarding controversial topics. The biggest challenge comes with tone of voice, which is lost here. Sometimes comments that are meant to be a joke are misinterpreted.

Thanks for remembering to post respectfully and with consideration for other points of view. :hug:

I had to remind someone a while back that the use of smileys is important in the absense of visual cues. I think the Jesus and George comment was meant to be a joke, but it probably wouldn’t be taken that way to a religious person who likes George Bush.

The loss of even one soldier’s life is tragic to be sure, but to keep things in perspective remember that we (the US) lost 407,300 military members during WWII and over a shorter period of time.

Civilian casualties during WWII topped 32 million.

War is an ugly thing, there is no denying that fact, but viewed in comparison to past wars our casualty rate is amazingly low.

You also have to remember, though, that WW2 was a different beast.

Politics has nothing to do with it. Bullets, bombs, and IEDs don’t ask your politics and they don’t discriminate.

Nadja xxx

Can I turn a political post into a religious one? Biblically speaking there will not be peace in the world until the Anti-Christ signs the peace treaty with Isreal. And although everyone will be happy about it the peace will only last 3.5 years. So really…IMO…world peace would be ushering in a time of real “tribulation”. :wink:

Dead people, soldiers or otherwise, are always a reason to mourn. Such is life in a fallen world. Now that I have outted myself as a religious nut I return you to your regularly scheduled program. :wink: