OT: 24 hours without a computer: Could you do it?

thats what they’re trying to figure out in this global experiment: http://shutdownday.com/

24 hours w/o a computer means a day w/o KH! :teehee:

i won’t be able to do this because my school work is mostly done on the computer

be i could totally do this on a weekend! what about you?

My husband and I actually deliberately left the electronics at home when we went on our honeymoon (with the exception of my mp3 player which I listen to in bed) so I have survived up to a week without the internet and my laptop. However, I don’t ever, ever want to have to do that again, so no, I can’t do it.

DH’s grandparents don’t have a computer, so when we went to visit them in January I went 5 whole days without one. It was a bit annoying, but not overly so. The worst part was the 500 odd topics with new posts to sort through once I got back on here! I couldn’t belive how many pages had been added to some of the blogs.

I enjoy my computers and use them on a daily basis, but yes I can survive without one and have done so many times. Year before last, while I was recuperating from a bad car wreck, my old laptop died on me. A friend in Virginia sent me one of his old computers to tide me over, but I was still without for several weeks. I survived.

I chose “No” because I can’t do my job without a computer, and I take 2 online courses.

If I was on vacation, and not enrolled in any classes, then the answer is yes. I went without my computer for a week no problem in July, when I was on vacation in the Outer Banks with my family.

The part that would bug most would be not being able to look stuff up when in a discussion. :teehee:

Okay, technically I could, but I sure wouldn’t want to!!


I third the ‘I could, but wouldn’t want to’ idea. all my schoolwork is done online, but I don’t do homework every day… However, I am a total minion to Google… things come up everyday where I need to know more about something, so I always turn to trusty Google (or in more specific cases, Wikipedia and IMDb).

I use my computer for ‘good’, so being deprived of that source of knowledge would be bad for human kind, even if only for a day! … mostly.

Well I had to take work out the equation since the applications at both of my jobs are entirely web based (being that one of them is an online retailer ya know.)

Beyond that, I have actually gotten rid of cable and internet before for several months and existed quite happily without them. Sure it was a little irritating when I needed to print something for a committee meeting and stuff but there are still ways of living happily without it. :cheering:

I could–I have–but it’s not easy. I rarely go two hours w/o using a computer.

It depends, in 2004 I had just been released from radiography with a slip that said “highly suspicious for malignancy” from a mammo and sono. My husband had just left for a business trip two hours earlier and some idiot disconnected my cable tv and thus the cable modem from my home by accident (meant to do the neighbor’s). I about went nuts for the three days it took for them to come reconnect my cable and cable modem. I was feverishly wanting to search all I could about my situation.
Normally I couldn’t care less if I don’t have a computer at my beck and call but that time I sure could have used the info.

Lately I’ve tried making Sundays my no-computer, no-work day (obviously didn’t do this today). I’m on the computer SO much that I really do need the break (even if I don’t think I need it).

Survive it YES
be the LEAST bit pretty about it NO WAY
but my kids keep my life crazy enough that I miss a lot of day
well maybe one a week
52 is a Lot right???


I wouldn’t be able to. All of my school work is done on the computer, and it’s my main source of entertainment besides knitting. :?

If this computer goes down, or the computer I got from my school goes back for repair, I have 4 other computers to go on. :oops:

There has been days that I just turn off the computer and wouldn’t get on. Mainly that was either due to boredom, or I wouldn’t be feeling well. It amazes me how much I miss it too. :oops:

When I was at my daughter’s there was a day that I didn’t use the computer. Was to busy chasing the 2yr old, rocking the 5 week old, and gossiping w/ my daughter…

But the next day I did check email… basics… (this of course) but didn’t stay on like I normaly do…

Work… all work stops if computer goes down.

So… I remember a time when computers where all card driven…lol Yes, they use to work that way… and the “internet” was basically unheard of… But I love computers… the information I can extract at a moment’s notice, and the wonders of wonders… SPELL CHECK!!! If only I had had this when I was in Freshman English!!!

:roflhard: :roflhard:

I could. Given normal circumstances, I don’t, but I don’t think it’d be as big a burden to me as to lots of people. Over the summer when I was in South Africa, most of my days I spent without a computer. Most of the time I had access to computers on the univ. campus, but I only went once every few days, mostly to check my mail and tell people (read “parents”) that I was still alive since I didn’t have a phone. It’s kinda hard to go both without a phone AND without the 'net. But yeah. The last time I went without a computer for several days was the last few days I was in South Africa in a game park on the ocean. Funny, didn’t miss the computer one bit. :slight_smile:

I HATE being without a computer. I even checked in here in the middle of my vacation in Costa Rica a couple of years ago! Now, given, I only spent about 15 minutes and there were several days I could not and I was perfectly happy trekking around the rainforest without a computer, but I still really missed my friends… :heart:

Well, I could do 24h. A lot of my schoolwork is done on the computer, but not all, so I could easily do something else that day. Missing KH would be hard, but not undoable.

When I know I am getting too obsessed with this confounded machine, I get away! The other day I refused to get on the computer for that very reason.

i´m a computer specialist… so i try to disconnect for the weekends… it works, until a friend calls me to “save” their computer… hehehe. anyway on vacation i don´t even use my cell phone!!! :woot: :woohoo: