OT - 24: Are You Kidding Me? Prison Break -- Good Tonight!

Don’t know if any of y’all watch it (and yes, I’m watching it WHILE typing yet ANOTHER paper…gonna get a crick in my neck, but oh well).

Anyhow, interesting ending, eh?

Oh yeah, and Prison Break was REALLY good too!!!

OMG… I can not wait until that stupid Vice Prez goes down! :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: Why does the Cabinet do what he says? Are they all on crack??
And hooray for Palmer! :slight_smile:

PS… I’m a HUGE 24 fan! (Click Here & Here)


Good one!

Oh, and, because I’m taking a political science class (and just wrote a paper today about how a president’s chief of staff is vital to his administration), I know that President Palmer has a *@!# Chief of Staff who does not have control of the White House staff.

Nice to know that the loan I’ll be paying back is working for me now. I can watch TV and understand it. :roflhard:

24 lost me after the first half of the first season. I only have room in my life for Prison Break now :slight_smile: You would have thought I was watching basketball last night, I was whooping and cheering. I knew Kellerman was going to help Sarah somehow, I hope it works. I also knew that Mahone was going to ask Scofield for help, I just wasn’t sure how it was going to go down. It was soooooo awesome!!!

Me and hubby made a bet on Scoffield…

If he DID kill TBag, I would go camping.
If he DIDNT kill TBag, I get more yarn.

:teehee: :roflhard:

More yarn, more yarn, more yarn, more yarn!

Hooray! :cheering:

Eventually he will learn NOT to make bets with me. :roflhard:

Re: 24 … I had a hard time believing that one minute, President Palmer was crashing and had increased cranial pressure or bleeding or whatever they said, and then 15 minutes later he’s up and on the phone and resuming duties??? :thinking:

Good episode though - always keeps me on the edge of my seat!

I figure when the crisis is over, he’ll keel over too.

Exactly. :shrug:

I love watching both shows though… 24 is really making me suspend my disbelief, but it always surprises me too. Prison Break… am I wrong for thinking that Kellerman’s kinda hot now that he’s a good guy? :oops:

You definitely have to suspend disbelief when watching 24…Take time, for example. Time seems to run faster on 24…like how President Palmer made a miraculous recovery in such a short amount of time, or how it seems to take about 5 minutes to get anywhere in LA, or 10 minutes to get anywhere in Southern California.

But I still watch it and :heart: it! :teehee:

That’s because all traffic just immediately clears for Jack Bauer. :rofl:

My dad is always complaining about how things aren’t real on the show. He goes on and on… I have to remind him that it’s a TV show and Jack Bauer is NOT REAL. lol

Yes, and meanwhile poor Karen Hayes spent 5.5 hours waiting for “military transport” back to LA before returning to work at the bunker. :thinking: