OT - 100th post - Make a Wish

I thought I’d celebrate my 100th post here with a serious but worthy thread.

I wanted to draw attention to the site I have in my signature - www.gcrpeople.com - which is for a charity project I have been involved. In a nutshell it’s group of people creating original music which is then offered for download in order to raise money for a worthy cause, the Make-a-Wish foundation. Well the site itself explains it better!

My involvement is on the publicity side but I also contributed lyrics which were accepted and made into the track ‘Only Blue’ which is available to buy on the site.

So please, if you have a minute to spare, take a look (there are free samples of the tracks released so far) and see if there’s anything you like there or pass the link onto anyone you think might be interested.

Thanks for reading :heart:

(ps if this is considered spam please accept my apologies and delete this post :slight_smile: )

Did anyone look/listen?? Any feedback??