Ornaghi Yarn

I want to make this http://www.ornaghi.it/modelli_en/merinokid.htm , but the yarn must be expensive. I have no idea what to substitute for this. If anyone has used this yarn or has any suggestions, I would appreciate it. And while you’re at it, check out their patterns! They are very lovely.

Oh, and is this pattern for straight or circular needles? It seems like it would be for circular, but it doesn’t say.

The gauge the pattern calls for is 16 sts/40 rows on “4 1/2 needles” which must be US7 needles, as there isn’t a US4 1/2. According to this chart, that would mean you could use a worsted weight yarn (or maybe light worsted) – really, if you’re gauge matches and you like the drape, you’re good. :thumbsup:

the pattern talks in rows not rounds…hasta be knitted flat.

Thanks Julie! That chart helps A LOT. :slight_smile: :heart: