Original design pinwheel

Im in the process of finishing up a pinwheel blanket in three colors of Vanna’s Choice Baby (duckie, sweet pea, and lamb).
(only its an original design because im using hat crown construction (kfb increase) but kept increasing (and changed color every 3 inches in radius): 392 stitches currently on needle)

its currently 30 inches in diameter and I am about to start the border but was looking for opinions, as this is my first round baby blanket.

please, pick two answers. if you choose other, perhaps you could make a suggestion.

(I personally am leaning towards garter and 32, as this project is a yarn eater, but am seeking other opinions as well).

Any width you want to make it is fine, especially for a round blanket. Smaller ones are good in strollers or car seats, there’s a use for all sizes.

As for the border, it depends on what you find easier - alternating knit and purl rounds or alternating knit and purl stitches. I’d much rather do an entire round in purl than switch back and forth all the time.

I prefer’d bigger blankets. The border makes no difference to me. Go with what looks good with the central pattern.

I agree that too much back and forth would be tedious (especially on something as large as it is).

currently, it sits at about 32 and a quarter diameter (with a garter border in cream color), though it may now be going into forced hibernation, as I ran out of this skein. so I probably have to wait at least until I can get more yarn (i think I had told my mom to buy two skeins of it)

shooting for 34 but may go for 36 (my mom is a fan of larger baby blankets; the other one I have on the needles is 34 inches wide and 27 inches long ;she told me to cast on 150 stitches for it, forgetting that I am a looser knitter than she is, that’s how it ended up at 34 inches wide; it was kind of a joke, I saw her last and she measured it and I was like “thats your fault that its so big”. )

not that a big blanket is a problem (in fact, if it weren’t that its already on its 5th skein, I would consider going for 45 inches long and calling it a crib size blanket (or a personal sized throw blanket) … )

I don’t have an answer for the size, but I was wondering about the round blanket… Can we see an in progress pic?

I am not sure I have seen a round blanket before! I know EZ has a round shawl, and I honestly always wondered how you would wear it. :slight_smile:

Most people who knit round shawls fold them over. Either in half, or about 1/3 down like a collar.