Original cast-on question

Hi. I have a question about casting on in general. When the pattern tells you to cast on 18 stitches and then knit/purl/whatever for 18 rows, do you count the cast on row as your first row??? I am so confused!

I believe you only do if you do a “double cast on”

Okay, what is a double cast on?? I have not come across that yet.

Check out the Basic Techniques cast-on section. There are different kinds of cast-ons. The only ones I know of that create an already-knitted row are the Double Cast-on (Long-Tail cast-on) that Nuno mentioned, and Old Norwegian cast-on.

If it’s not these, then you don’t count the cast-on as the first row.
Hope that helps.

:woo: does that mean I answered a question right???

Spot on, Nuno!


WOO HOO. oooh I am a pro now. Watch out