Origami Cardigan

I love this pattern and want to knit it. For me. Yes, that’s right - I may actually knit something that is intended for me to keep…and not a hat. But a REAL project.

Has anyone else made this? It seems relatively simple, and I love “artsy” clothing, so I bet I would even wear it. But…how does it knit?


I say go for it!

I’ve made similar cardigans in the past. It’s a relatively easy design to knit. The hardest part I find is just the seaming and that’s relatively painless. The simple construction of it provides room for much variation. Let your artsy side shine and through it a few your own personal touches. For example, stripes in the front panel show up as diagonal stripes, a bit of lace work on the bottom edge gives even more airyness to the piece and the sleeve cuffs might be begging for a different colour.

I think it would be a great project for you.

what is an orignami cardigan please?

I think the PP is referring to the Origami Cardigan from Interweave? Right? If so, KnittingDaily has a gallery of how it looks on different body types/sizes.


I think it’s kinda cute. Trust me, there are way more “artsy” things out there ;). I’m with Queen of Rust - GO FOR IT!! :mrgreen:

And don’t forget to post about it in the What’cha Knittin’ Forum!!

I was debating it, but I would change bobbles for something lacy. It definitely looks comfortable!

I think you should go for it :slight_smile: I think it looks fantastic. In fact, it’s what brought me to buy my first knitting mag.:teehee:

Okay, I can’t type. :wink:

Yes, I meant the origami cardi. I think I am going for it…in a fun algae green color. And I will be changing out the bobbles…I was thinking of doing it in a basket weave or moss stitch.


oh, I like that idea. I was all set to make that cardi too (well, I was all set to get the yarn for it, anyway:teehee:) - I just love the lines of it, but then it occured to me I’m not really a “bobble” sort of gal. A different edging would work though. I might have to rethink that now.

Definitely this pattern has room for variations. I think it would look wonderful with a lace pattern or a textured pattern. Just keep in mind that sometimes these patterns knit up to a different gauge than stockinette. You have to fudge in increases or decreases if the new variation is of a different gauge.

For example, patterns with crossover stitches or cabling will constrict a bit. Patterns with lace techniques like yarnovers will ‘bloom’ a bit bigger.

Just something to keep in mind. Mind you a bit of blooming at the edge of that cardigan is not a bad thing:happydance:

Basketweave sounds like a great idea!