Oriel pattern~Walker's 2nd Treasury

Has anyone done the ORIEL pattern, on page 289, of the Walker 2nd Treasury of Knitting?
Was it easy for you to do?

or here,
Scroll down:

I was having a hard time with the purl yarn overs.

I’ll look at that purl yo vid and see if that helps.

Also, I found a mistake in a Jan Eaton book, her book of 200 knitted blocks…page 70, it’s the chevron lace eyelets.
Has anyone else done that, and corrected the mistake?
If so, may I have the corrected pattern?
I looked on interweave, and couldn’t find the correction to the lace eyelet.

I’m still not doing the oriel pattern right. Am making big gaps, instead of yarn overs.
I can do a knit yarn over, but obviously not a purl yarn over.

Can anyone help? Ive looked at the yo video, and the place I’m having a problem at is the yarn over after the knit and before the purl.
It’s in the first, 3rd, 5th rows.

Here: row 1: P1, ssk, k3, yo, (ok, I can do that) p1,(I can do this)
yo (this is where I make the mistake, the yo mstk) k3, k2 tog, p1

Next row: k1, p5, k1
row3: p1, ssk, k3,yo, p1, yo,k3,k2tog, p1

Can anyone help?

When you do a yo between a knit and a purl, you bring the yarn forward as you would to purl, then bring the yarn up over the needle and to the front again. Then purl the next stitch.

When you do a yo between a purl and a knit, the yarn is already in front, so bring it to the back as if to knit, then up over the right needle from behind and to the back again.

Clear enough?

Here is a link to a site that explainsyarn oversand some of the ins and outs of them, including this kind of situation. I think if you study it carefully it may help you to get a real nice result.