Organizing Your Patterns... and other stuff

Ok, I have purchased a spanky new binder and some page protectors (don’t tell dh cuz I can’t find the fafillion page protectors I bought for work for my phone rep manuals and took home when I didn’t need them anymore) and took a tip from KellyK about making a collage of knitting pics for the cover. I am going to start putting all the patterns I’ve gotten online and scanned and such into it with tabs, etc.
This led me to wonder :?? , what is YOUR system? Anybody have any tips for how they assembled their own files of patterns. I do have a couple knitting journals… but some ideas of how we have all creatively, or not creatively, put together our patterns. Heck, do you just stuff 'em in a box? Tell us what kind of box then…
I am interested to know what works, this could be helpful to everybody!
Jodie :wink:

I made categories based on the kinds of things I like…I just keep them all in that binder.

Just yesterday I moved all my books, etc. from the top of my dresser (they kept pushing off the side) to a set of bookshelves. I just have those fold-open magazine holders (like a box with the front cut at an angle) for my magazines and thinner pamphlets. I arranged the books by general subject, like Fair Isle, Know-How, Afghans, Babies and Kids, Motifs, etc. I don’t have many single-sheet patterns, maybe 3. I had a bunch that I had printed, but I threw them out last night. I figured that the sites where I got them are doing a better job of storing them than me, so I can print them again if I’m serious.

I do have a binder for my color cards from various yarn companies. One of them was nice enough to send their’s in a binder, so the rest got put in there, too.

I have a binder with 5 dividers: patterns to be knit, patterns I’ve already knitted, FOs (where someday I will gather my gauge swatches and notes/info on my FOs), Yarn (color cards, catalog pages, etc), and Miscellaneous (class schedules, articles, etc).

I have a binder, organized into sections: accessories (hats shawls scarves socks), plus size (for me :slight_smile: ) Men Stuff, tops, baby stuff, bags–my biggest section of course, non-wearables (afghans, dishcloths) and then “random” which has a lot of charts, toys, and wierd things (knitted uterus from knitty, for example). In the front I have a list of the knitting books I have, and i’m going to add another page for magazine issues. And I also have my handy-dandy needle chart in there, even though that’s moot now that I have the denise set.
I just bought 2 knitters journals for pics of FOs, swatches, and stuff like that. I haven’t put anything in there yet though… that would require me going to the drug store to print a picture, which just takes too much time!

I have a binder that holds all my emb. patterns I have them organized by raggey anns, americana, fall, summer, etc… but now my knitting patterns are taking over so this weekend will get a binder for them with to knit, someday knit, and have knit LOL :wink:

organization…what’s that? :wink:

I put everything in paper protectors, and then in a HUGE 3 ring rinder; that is now overly full, so I now have another one that I will put ‘general’ things in and one that has mostly sock things, tuturiols, patterns, etc. Then I will make a small one with all of my KnitPicks things, I’ve printed the socks in every concievable way that they show up on the site & will print the wonderfully nice things that everyone has said both here & over at KR and there will be a ‘special’ 3 ring binder for this for ‘history’…lol!!

Uhhhhh… I have a manila envelope (that I can’t find :oops: ) with all of the free patterns (knitting and crochet) I got from skeins of yarn inside, plus a couple of plastic canvas books that I inheirited from my Grandmother, plus a great book full of Celtic knotwork diagrams that I can’t figure out how to translate into knitting…
In my defense, I am a relatively new knitter - and i hardly ever use patterns, anyway.I like to improvise.

Another Rebecca…hey punkiehippiemom!! I’ve been knitting a year :smiley: ! You will find quite a few of us that haven’t been knitting a long time and many of whom have learned a LOT in that short period of time and some who haven’t learned so much…a diverse lot :wink: . And you will find many of whom have been knitting for a while and can knit anything & everything…you know, a clone of a person, etc…j/k!

I too put all my patterns in page protectors and keep them neatly in a 3 ring binder. :thumbsup:

OK so I need to get a 3 ring binder! I have all my patterns printed off the web in a manila folder, then I have another folder for pages I ripped out of a magazine, then I have a big pocket folder for complete magazines and then there’s the big pile of stuff in the corner that I’m not sure what to do with yet…OY! I need a whole room just for my knitting :rollseyes:

I put my patterns in a file box with manilla folders in hanging files. It’s getting pretty tight. Some patterns (usually purchased ones because they have more pages) are in page protectors in 3 ring binders.

I tried organizing them on my computer and on discs, but that didn’t work for me.


OMGosh, my patterns and/or tutorials that I have printed (and bought) would be in shreds and who knows where were they not in the 3 ring binder (which is in desperate need of a partner bc it’s about to pop!!).
When I need a pattern, I just take it out of the 3 ring binder, use it and return it, no harm… :wink:

:cheering: :cheering: Hey yourself!

I know I should be more organized (it’s not just my knitting stuff that’s lost in a black whole somewhere) and I try to be, but usually within two weeks or so my system is shot and it’s back to general confusion.
Must be my creative personality, things just refuse to stay the way they’re supposed to. :rollseyes:

Feministmama, you sound just like me. I have a few manilla folders, like you, but you forgot to mention the folder I have for things I printed off of the internet. :wink: I too have a pile of stuff in the corner, in our bedroom, that my DH says he is tired of looking at and can I please organize. I am not an organized person mind you, so looking at this thread has given me great ideas on how to work towards getting more organized. Thanks everyone.

And Silver, why did I know that you would have everything in a page protector in a binder. :lol: You are not only a super knitter! But organized too! Ohhh, do I envy you! :smiley:

I am not an organized person; for some freaky reason…I organize my knitting. Don’t know why, I’ve never been one to organize, that would be my husband. BUT…my knitting…it MUST be organized!!

I keep trying to organize my knitting supplies but I seem to have more supplies than organizational skills. :mrgreen:

Good golly! :shock:
I have been trying to go through my craft room to make some sort of dent in organization. I have been sneezing all day! I suppose there is dust in the corners that I have disturbed. My nose is raw, and since I took a break to simply knit up a remnant ball of Joann’s Angel for something soft for kitty (not enough for anything else, and he loves the soft stuff), I am getting sleepy. :zzz:
Could also be from the allergy pill I took. Non Drowsy formula my rear!
At least I have a start on my pattern binder. Gee, looks amazingly like Super Kelly’s ! Thanks for your design idea KK! :thumbsup:

Post a pic when you’re done!!!