Organizing the stash

I spent most of yesterday organizing my bedroom and closet. This required finding storage for my knitting supplies. I got some white laminate stackable storage cubes and cloth boxes from Target. My bedroom now looks like a yarn store! Turns out I have a LOT of yarn! :lol: I knew it was a bunch, but since it’s mostly been in plastic bags strewn about the house, I didn’t fully appreciate quite how much it is. :eek: :clap:

I was at a LYS last week and saw a shirt that read, “If yarn were Meth, I wouldn’t have any teeth.”

I might need that shirt.

:rofl: I NEED that shirt!!!

On the other hand, if yarn were meth, I would be a lot skinnier…

(but I guess I’d rather have my teeth PLUS awesome FOs)

I love that! hehehe…

Had to add it to my signature. Might have to stitch it on my knitting bag…

Hi! Just wondering what would happen if one was to put skeins of unballed yarn into one of those space saver vacuum bags?

I use the vaccuum sealed bags for my yarn all the time. It is a great way to save it from the cats and from getting musty in the basement. Also saves a lot of space.

thats so cool. i was cleanig my closet this past weekend, and yearning for more yarn, with no where to store it. I will definitely have to invest in some of those bags then (it will also help hide stash increases from DH, LOL)

If yarn were meth!