Organized my stash!

It’s such a good feeling! I have two of these full of yarn now. They weren’t being used so I put them in an unused corner of my bedroom and got organized. (It was so nice just to pet all that wonderful sock yarn again) Then I went through all my UFOs, noted the needles that were in them, took some of the needles out and frogged the project or took the needles out and put in stich holders. I’ve got a hard copy of all needle brands and sizes, both US and mm. All my patterns were put into those plastic sleeve thingys and then in 3 ring binders. I also cleared a shelf in the bedroom and put all my keeper UFOs on there so I can SEE what I have to finish. They’re in ziplock bags right now-ugly to be sure, but I plan on seeing what I can find to replace those. My DH doesn’t get it, he can’t understand why it’s such a big deal to me so I thought I’d share my good news with all of you. People who WILL understand.

Another thing. Does the model on the front of Vogue Knitting spring/summer look as if she’s doing her monthly breast exam to any one else?

Hey, do you want to come over to my house today?

I will be sure to look at Vogue next time I go to B&N, but sometimes I have to wonder about some of those vogue covers.

That sounds excellent!

I unfortunately don’t have a big enough stash (yet :teehee: ) to have to do a major organizing like you did…but this weekend I did get all my needles, stitch markers, row counter, tapestry needles, etc. etc. nicely organized in a large wooden box with a lid. Maybe Easter weekend is just a spring-cleaning-organizing-your-stuff kinda time! :cheering:

I also organized my stash…now I just don’t know where to put it. I put all of my yarn in plastic bags and wrote the brands on the cover. I left all of my acrylic in my baskert though, because I know it’s acrylic and there’s a rare chance I’m ever going to use it. I need to organize my needles though, because right now I just have them in a basket loose, and that leads to lost needles (especially those size 1 DPNs), so I’m deciding what to do with them soon though. Great job getting organized though! :notworthy:

Congrats on organizing your stash. Mine has taken over our office … it came out of the closet and won’t fit back in :rofl:
My husband and I have been looking at those same baskets, but I think we have decided to just put shelves in the office closet and then I will use clear plastic containers to stash my stash away.

Well, need to get a project started to take to my conference with me this week.

I organized my stash just today!

I NEED to reorganize my stash!!! Is it the Vogue I just bought with the EZ baby surplice pattern??? I must check out the front cover. I was so excited to know the EZ pattern was in there I’ve not looked at anything else! samm who thinks you’ve given her inspiration with the stash organizing…

Congratulations on you Stash Organizing skills~!
I kinda did a stash reorganizing this last week. I bought a LOT of summer wt cotton blend yarn from my LYS online ( it stll hasn’t gottne here yet :pout: )but anyway I gave some to may pals, some will go to my yarnee, and some is in the miscleaneous bin~!
Now I KNOW what I have and don’t have so… I can organize by summer and winter wt. BTW: I shared this info with a male at work b/c I said you don’t want to be working with bulky wt wool/acrlyic in the 95 degree summertime and I said I am soooo glad I got my stash reorganized… He just looked at me funny for a minute and laughed and said “” well it is SOOO important to know what it’s in your stash… syou wouldn’t want to grab the wrong ball of yarn in the summer~! and I said YEP … EXACTLY
and for him it was

Non Knitters/ Yarn addicts JUST DONT UNDESTAND~!!
:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I have had those sliding baskets for ever, one of those blended family items I didn’t use, but didn’t want to throw away. They have held everything from sports gear to My Little Pony-s. When I looked at my yarn the light bulb flashed.

It IS the same issues with EZ’s baby surplice jacket. I’ve made two of the BSJs and I can’t wait to co the surplice. Even with the model doing the monthly breast exam I still love Vogue Knitting. :teehee:

It feels so nice to have the yarn and needles organized and as you said, inventoried. What I didn’t mention was that I spent 2 hours on one ball of sock yarn that my 2 you DGS had tangled into a mess. He is so going to get socks made from that yarn.