Organize WIPs, needles, Stash?

How do you guys organize your works in progress, knitting needles/tools/patterns, and stash?

My LYS is having a major sale, and I don’t feel OK about buying more until I have things under control. I’d love to hear about other people’s systems!

Laura :XX:

Organize? What’s organize? LOL!!! :shock: Seriously, I’m not very organized. My yarn is in totes, WIP’s are often in handled bags (so I can take them with me to work on them while I’m waiting for the doctor, dentist, car repair, etc.), and needles are generally put in their original packaging and in another tote bag. :oops:

I have the yarn that I don’t use very much in the cabinet portion of the entertainment center in the bedroom…1 side has yarn, the other side has albums with patterns…the drawer has some more yarn. I then have a wooden cabinet with books on top & needles on the bottom, my circs are in their original packaging and then in a small bucket, my dpns are in tubes in another bucket. More yarn is under the bed in rubbermaid boxes. I have a folding basket with current wip by the bed :smiley:

Wow thanks - that is useful!

Oh, btw, what kind of tubes do you use for your dpns?

:smiley: Happy to have been of service :wink:
I use these for my dpns :thumbsup: