Organization near completion

Ok, here’s the story: I helped raise my granddaughter. She became like a daughter to me. Then, they all moved away, both daughters,and all the grandkids, about a year and 4 months ago. Then, my mother died 3 months after that.

Awww , You are a wonderful grandmother and mother . But i think that you have made the right move . It has been a long time since they moved and i think that by making this room your hobby room where you can make her lots of things will make you feel better.
They are alive and well and i am sure that they all love and miss you very much.
Cheer up my friend and go give your grandaughter a phone call:)

I do believe that you did the right thing and that this will help you heal. Invite that kid for a visit, too! :hug:

And also…boy you have a lot of yarn!!

You must be having such a hard time with this. Grandmothers are very important to their grandchildren, and vice versa. It’s natural to bond.
What a great thing you’ve done donating the bed- just think of the child you will be helping.

I;'ll do just that.

I never thought of myself as being important to my grandkids, but, I’ll take your word for it. I brought the first grandchild up, basically,while my daughter was finishing high school. One thing I learned, is, never give up, even if the situation seems awful. I’m glad my older daughter kept her baby, glad I was there to take the baby, feed her, rock her to sleep, buy her toys, and, eventually, hubbie and I decided to send her through private school, so, I ended up picking granddaughter up every school morning, giving her breakfast, helping her get ready for school, brushing her hair, buying her uniforms, and, picking her up from school, helping her with homework, taking her to the library, helping her in all sorts of ways, while her mother was working full time. Then, she worked her way through nursing college, and now is working on her bachelor’s degree in nursing, so, it all works out for good.
But, yeah, it’s hard, but, I HAVE to let go.
I didn’t think about how giving up that nice bed with drawers under it, would be helping another child. That’s a nice thought. Thank you.

I’ve already given away several skeins to some people who needed it.

It really sounds like you have meant a lot to your daughter and your grandaughter. My grandmother has meant a lot to me over the years too, especially when my mother wasn’t there. She didn’t play as significant a role as you did, but she has always been very important to me. Your grandaughter will remember the things you have done for her- trust me. Keep playing a role in your grandkids lives, you can make such a difference. My grandma now has stage 2 Alzheimer’s and it’s quite tragic. I’ve lost a best friend and some of my cousins barely knew her compared to me. Don’t let the years go by, and don’t feel badly about being upset! It only makes sense for you to be upset. You’re clearly still dealing with their leaving.
p.s. your yarn looks great- you can share with me anytime!