Organising sock yarn

By colour?

Solids, tonal, self-patterning, self-striping?

Fibre content?

At the moment, my sock stash is not organised at all, except for the summer weight blends (low or no wool) being together. So I suppose any organisation system would be better than none.

How do you organise your sock stash?

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Most of my sock yarn (and other 4 ply/fingering) is fairly near the laceweight yarn, and some distance from anything much heavier. That’s about as organised as my stash gets!


That makes me feel a bit better! Most of mine is in one cupboard, so perhaps I should consider that organised enough :slight_smile:


I have a real yarn buying problem, which escalated during and after lock down!
I was really concerned about moths given the size of the stash ( to which I keep adding) and even forget the lions share of what I have.
So I bought large (70 litre) lidded plastic containers and started an excel spreadsheet so that I can sort and find different sorts of yarn!
I have about 15 headings, including brand, yarn name, yarn weight, m/ skein, skein weight, no of skeins, total weight, total meterage, grist, fibres, colour, pattern planned, location ( ie box number)!!
It’s all extreme but once set up with formulae, it’s easy to use and update!!
It’s all different weights, but an easy calculation shows that I now have over 210 kilometres of yarn ( my husband made me work that out!!!)


Ahh, the spreadsheet!

I have a friend who loves spreadsheets so much she would probably make me one, even though she’s in London.


I’d be happy to email you a copy of mine if you’d find it helpful? It’s very simple - just a couple of formulae and a few headings, but it helps to be able to search and sort by weight and meterage when stash diving! :rofl::rofl:
Let me know if you want!