Organic Yarn vs. Cashmere

I’m looking to start a new project and I would like to make a blanket. I am debating on which type of yarn to use. I’d love to use cashmere but feel that price might defer me and I’m looking for something I can use everyday and wont pill. Has anyone used the lion brand LB cashmere or the LB organic wool or the lion brand natures choice? Do any of theses pill? If i dont use cashmere I’d like to use something organic.

Any advice would be great!



I’ve never seen the LB Cashmere in the local stores only online so I haven’t even been able to feel it.

I received some of the Lion Brand Nature’s Choice organic cotton for Christmas and it’s very soft. I haven’t used it yet so I have no idea about pilling.

Softer and loosely spun yarns tend to pill more so I think the best way to tell if it, or any yarn, will pill is buy a skein and test it. :shrug:

Wow, I’m surprised that not many people have used the LB collection! It seems so great… is it because you have to buy online that you havent tried it? Clue a girl in!

If you are on Ravelry, you can have a look at the comments people have posted about the yarns.

Several people commented that the cashmere blend pills a lot and that it felts although the label (apparently) says it’s machine washable.

A couple of people commenting on the organic cotton say it “sticks” to the needles, but I find that is the nature of cotton in general. One person commented that it pills, and one said it sheds.

hey thanks! I’ll check on Raverly!

I saw the LB Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton last night at AC Moore. I didn’t much like the ply - it’s a really thick strand plied with a very thin “binder” strand similar to Homespun (although hopefully much less splitty and annoying!) It was quite soft though.

I’ve only ever seen the LB cashmere online and I’d really like to see and feel yarn before I buy it, especially something that expensive. I haven’t tried the LB Organic Cotton but have seen it in Michaels. It’s very soft.

I haven’t seen the LB cashmere blend in the stores, but the LB varieties I have seen I’m not impressed with. I tend to be frugal (cheap) and when I spend a lot of time making something I want it to last and look good so I would rather spend a bit more and get nicer yarn.

I [I]so[/I] agree with you! I definitely can’t spend a ton of money on yarn, but there are so many places you can get good deals on good quality yarn these days. (, and Webs are just a couple of examples). That’s not to say, though that there aren’t nice inexpensive yarns. Lily Sugar and Creme cotton is great and I really like Simply Soft acrylic yarn. But I try to get natural fibers when I can…

Anyway, I wanted to add that pilling isn’t especially a sign that yarn is bad quality. Loosely plied and spun yarns tend to pill, even if they are high end as Jan mentioned. But, I got a Sweater Stone and it works great to get rid of pills, so I wouldn’t especially let that trait stop you from buying a certain kind of yarn. (Although the higher end yarns do, in my experience, tend to pill [I]less[/I]. I have a blanket I made from Wool-ease and it looks horrible. And I spent a long time working on it. I wish I had bought another kind of yarn for it.)

I’m knitting with the cashmere blend now so I’ll let you all know how it goes. It is definitely a heavy worsted btw.

ETA: Oops…just realized this the Poor Knitter’s Cashmere…not what you’re looking for. :teehee: It is super soft after washing though. :wink: