Organic wool

What is the difference between organic and non-organic wool? :??

I would think organic means wool from animals and plant fibers like cotton and non-organic wool is acrylic.

maybe the sheep were fed on grass that wasn’t sprayed with fertiliser???

From what I understand, it means the wool isn’t treated with anything chemically. It’s not bleached or anything.

Or, if it is treated with chemicals, they are with natural ingredients.

[ Edited to add: Here’s a thread where it’s been talked about. ]

Organic Trade Association
In order for wool to be labled organic it needs :
*Livestock feed and forage used from the last third of gestation must be certified organic;
*Use of synthetic hormones and genetic engineering is prohibited;
*Use of synthetic pesticides (internal, external, and on pastures) is prohibited, and
*Producers must encourage livestock health through good cultural and management practices.

hope that helps!

That was my understanding – that they are raised in a way that doesn’t hurt the environment.

ETA: Oh, the wonders of the internet – pretty amazing for a series of tubes! Fact sheet here.

I think it means it’s more expensive. :teehee:

lol well that’s certainly what it means when I am food shopping. That’s why I need to take over the farm from my godfather… organic foods and animals would be wonderful. It is big enough…y’all wanna start a commune?

We’re using the word wool to mean the fiber, not the actual yarn. So she’s talking about organic wool yarn, versus regular wool yarn. All from sheep. I know you are from Germany, so just clarifying. :hug:

Great links. Thanks! :muah:

Thanks, cawthraven! Now I know the difference :wink: