Organic wool


I just ordered some organic wool yarn from I am going to knit some slipper socks for a friend who only likes natural fiber. Has anyone tried this yarn for anything? I am not sure how soft it will be, but it is supposed to get softer with each washing. I should be receiving it soon. Would love any input…thanks.


How can wool be wool and not be organic…I looked on the web site and this is what I see “luxurious 100% Certified Organic wool”----and the certified really blow my mind!!!

Perhaps the sheep is grass-fed, no hormones (do they give sheep hormones?), etc…

How can wool be wool and not be organic…I

Usually animals raised “organic” means they are eating foods without pesticides, they aren’t on antibiotics, there are either no dyes or only natural organic dyes in the fiber. Usually to truly be certified one has to meet a range of requirements.
I’m not familiar with this particular company but that’s what Certified Organic means to me.

Thank you for your responses! I agree with Newamy’s description of organic. Also, no harsh chemicals are supposed to be used in the processing. It will be interesting to see how it feels and how it knits up.


Okay, the explanation makes sense but I would be interested in knowing what differences it makes in the wool

I think the greater impact that organic wool has in the environment and not the wool itself. Just my guess-opinion.


Yes it’s the environmental impact of reducing chemical, pesticide and antibiotic use. Also if no chlorine is used in the bleach process (if they are bleached) then there is no dioxin waste.

The yarn itself may feel no different than other wools or it may e scratchier or it may be softer. Hard to tell…

when i go to the hope Spinnery i get organic wool and yarn
he uses natural Dyes, and works organic wool

when my dad raised sheep they were not only organic but vegetarian
fed only on grass and grain
no Antibiotics, or steroids, or even supplements
the fields they grazed on were organic as well
no pesticides, or herbacides

takes a lot to ACTUALLY be Organic
certification is not that hard


Just to update anyone who may be interested – I just received my order from where I purchased some certified organic wool. Great customer service – and extremely fast and with a 12% discount. They sell other brands (not just an organic line), and I know I will be ordering from them again. The wool seems very nice and I can’t wait to begin my project! Incidentally, I believe the website was advertised on and that is how I found out about it.