Organic vs Hormone-Free milk

I don’t want to start a debate of organic vs not, my specific question is if you buy organic or hormone-free milk and why. I buy skim milk that is “pledged” to be hormone-free for myself b/c I don’t think the hormones are good for us. When I weaned my son from breastmilk to cow’s milk I decided to use USDA organic whole milk for him so that he wasn’t exposed to the hormones or any of the antibiotics and stuff that can be in the feed. Plus, hormone-free milk is only a “pledge.” The cost of milk, esp organic has gone up lately so that last time I bought milk for my son it was almost $7/gallon and he drinks 4cups/day so he goes through it fast. I switched brands and was able to get a gallon for $5.50. The hormone-free is $3/gallon. Is organic worth it or is hormone-free enough?