Organic Cotton Stuffing Question


Does anyone know of companies that sell organic cotton stuffing that I could use to stuff knitted toys?

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I found this web site on-line

I just googled it to see if there were any, maybe you could find some that way if needed.

I did the same google search and got the same result. I also tried Michaels, A.C.Moores and JoAnn Fabrics. JoAnn has some cotton batting that is used in quilting but it doesn’t say it is organic. You should try quilting supplies for batting. You might just be lucky.

You might be able to find an organic cotton stuffed pillow that you could use the stuffing out of.

something like this:

not cotton but organic.

Doll making supplies might be another way to search.

Organic cotton stuffing can be found at:

Although stringy and not as soft, organic hemp is an option for stuffing items like dog beds since it is relatively resistant to mold and bacteria growth.

I just came across another source for organic cotton and bamboo stuffings:

I haven’t ordered from them, but I hope it is helpful for folks.

One other source:

Sometimes wool or roving is used for stuffing, perhaps a wool that is naturally coarser/lower quality??

I have a duvet that has wool in it instead of fiberfill or down. It’s nice, requires dry cleaning however.