Oregon Tote

[color=green]I just got my pattern for an Oregon Tote!!! :happydance: Anyone done one? it looks easier than the other patterns i have. I’m going to make mine into a diaper bag with extra pockets. i was kind of thinking of a plastic lining to go on the inside :thinking: … any ideas?[/color]

LOVE the oregon tote!!! Looks like a gigantic booga bag. How will you attach the plastic to the inside of the purse? I’d be afraid to sew it, because the holes might rip. Maybe a hook&loop would work better… and if the lining is removable you can take it out to lay flat and wipe clean!

Another idea: knit (but don’t felt) a small matching pouch that you can put charcoal chunks in; it will help absorb any diaper-y smells, and keep your bag from turning stinky!

You can buy lightweight, clear vinyl at your local fabric store. It sews up quite well, no ripping. Hildie’s velcro idea is great, that way you can take it out to clean (or find that little sock that is hiding in the bag somewhere). If you used a “charcoal sachet” it would probably be better to do it in muslin, sewn up like a pillow so you didn’t get bits of black gunk everywhere. Maybe it would be best to go to a sportwear store and get some of those “shoe balls”, plastic encased charcoal meant for putting in your gym shoes to keep them from stinking. Just don’t let baby have them! I love babies. I had lunch by myself the other day and the waitress and I were laughing about how nice it is to eat alone once in awhile, two minutes later a woman comes in with a 3 wk old squeaker and I got all hormonal. Bad, bad, BAD! Oh, were we talking about knitting?..

:smiley: Well this is my fourth and somewhat of a surprise since i was on birth control… :?? And i have given everything away. When I saw this tote I thought it would be a cool baby bag! Thanks for the ideas. I thought of the vinyl after i posted. any kind of lining would be good but i just wanted something that could be wiped clean!!!