Oregon Tote question HELP!

[color=olive]Alright…I’ve gotten far on my tote… problem… its supposed to end up square, so i had to slip the first and last stich of every short side panel… well its not even at all! :doh: my question is that since i am going to felt it and then shape it on a form is it possible this will not matter in the final out come? thanks [/color]

What do you mean, it isn’t even? if it’s not too off, you shoul dbe able to fix it during the felting process and afterwards with the forms; just stretch what is too small.

where my stitches were placed is off. like i most likely did the slip on the wrong stitch. i hope i can fix it cause i really don’t want to take it apart!!! but i’m thinking i might have to any way cause it seems to small for what i want to use it for! :frowning:

Did the pattern tell you to slip the first and last stitches? Is it possible for you to take a picture of the bag?

Regardless of whether or not you can fix the mistake, if it’s not turning out how you want you might be better off :frog: anyway. I hate frogging… but if something doesn’t look right, feel right, or turn out to be what you thought, why spend all that time knitting something you won’t wear, or use? Otherwise it will just sit there, and you’ll look at it and thinkng “damn, if only i hadn’t screwed up that one part I’d wear that sweater/bag/sock/mitten”

someone else jump in here! i need help helping! Or maybe i’m not helping… I need help NOT messing up cpolitte more!!!

[color=olive]actually you are helping a lot. cause when i made the base i thought it looked to small but went ahead and started on the sides. but i really want it bigger.[/color]

okay, before you do any more you can make it bigger, but it might require starting over, and buying more yarn… Or you can just felt it less and hope for the best. You can just add stitches to the base to make it wider, and then pick up more stitches around and knit it taller, but if you want it to be proportionally bigger (equally bigger) all over you need to do some math.

[color=olive]ok i want to make it wider. so i just take it apart and add on to the base right?[/color]

Just rip until you get to a row of live stitches, and then add on from there. Make sure you don’t drop one on the way! It will help to stick a smaller needle in a row, and then frog… Amy has a Video for this, under “fixing mistakes”

[color=olive]ok thanks for your help!!! i don’t mind starting over. plus i goes pretty fast. :thumbsup: [/color]