Ordering yarn that never turns up, sorry rant - updated

i ordered a baby alpaca scarf kit that cost me about £40 inc p&p from angel yarns, i thought a bit steep but dp fell in love with the scarf.

i ordered it on june 1st. nothing said it was out of stock when i oredred it. 3 weeks later i called to be told that they were waiting for the pattern to arrive. it would be with me in 7 - 10 days. if there aws a problem they’d e mail me. yeah right!! i havent heard a damn thing and still no flipping scarf kit.

i cant call them as theuy never answer when i use skype, if i try on my landline (which costs a mint to call them top boot) it wont allow me as they have some crappy 0847 number.

i am at the point they can stick the scarf where the sun dont shine. i’ve e mailed to have 2 bounce back as a dodgy addy, 3rd time it went through, but no responce.

i’ll shut tp now sorry just really pissed about it

Oh that stinks. I’ll be praying that your yarn shows up.

Did you pay by credit card? If so, see if the charge has hit there. If not, call and cancel the order or send a certified/return receipt letter to them cancelling the order and tell the credit card company that you’ve cancelled the order and they are not to allow the charge.

That’s what I’d do. Who needs all that heartache just trying to get some yarn and a pattern?:hug:

I don’t know what skype is, but have you emailed them? At any rate I’d cancel the order if it hasn’t been charged to your card. Be polite and tell them that due to poor customer service they are losing your business and that of your friends. That’ll shake them up.

Skype is a free long-distance telephone service provided via the internet. They have phones specifically for Skype and everything. It’s super-useful in certain situations, but can be hard to deal with in others.

As for the real problem, I noticed that you are in France. Is the company also located in France? If so, is there some sort of Better Business Bureau that you can report them to? If not, do you know where they are located? Perhaps the community here could help you to figure out where to file a complaint if it is outside of France. Sadly, it sounds as if they are running a pretty shoddy business. Keep us posted–maybe we can help.

the money was taken by an online payment straight away, hence they seem to have me over a barrel. i have e mail 3 different addy’s, 2 came back syaing that the e mail addy was dodgy basicly, the 3rd seemed to go through but i’ve heard nothing in almost a week.

i spoke to dp about it last night ( it was supposed to be a suprise for him as he fell in love with the scarf), he called in a favour and got me a propper land line number so i can call that. if i still have no joy the friend of his said there is things he can do to help get my money back. i know its not a lot of money in the scale of things but tbh i cant afford to loose that amount.

never ever again fro angelyarn.com, lesson truley learnt. but until you try you just dont know what a compnies like

i have e meiled them, but cant get through on the phone. its almost like they are seeing a french code and ignoring me now!! but as i said i now have a direct number, this should be fun as i am determind to get my money back. i cant buy any more yarn until i do as thats what i had allocated to it. thankfully i now have a lys who is absolutly lovley and tries to get me anything i want. and she’s absolutly lovley to bout.

As for the real problem, I noticed that you are in France. Is the company also located in France?
no the companies in england where customer service is supposed to be better than france. the english stype of better business wouldnt help me being in france and the french wouldnt because the companies in england. cant win.

If not, do you know where they are located? Perhaps the community here could help you to figure out where to file a complaint if it is outside of France. Sadly, it sounds as if they are running a pretty shoddy business. Keep us posted–maybe we can help.[/quote]
I am going to call them again today, i have people coming this morning so will try this afternoon. if i call from skype they cant see my area code, so no dodging my call haha.

i would settle for the kit but rather have my money back as i now dont really want to make it. i’ve lost heart in it totally

thank you all though, im just a tad ratty about it as you can tell

I would definately file a dispute with your credit card, the company can ignore you but I doubt they will ignore your credit card dompany. I have done that twice; once with Paypal and once with my Visa card and was amazed at how quickly it was resolved.

There is nothing more annoying than having money tied up for something you didn’t receive. If you have been waiting since June1 I would say you have been more than patient and it’s time for a refund!!

i actually used my dads card (needed to pick mione up as mine expired, its done so that you have to pick anything like that up from the bank itself here). my brother is the one in controll of that account (he speaks fluent french) and he’s lazy as they come and wont do it. so looks like im outa pocket because i’ve tried to call them all day with no luck at all. i’ve re emailed them, im tempted to post of there forum and see what they come back with. i’m a tad rattled by this one. i wouldnt mind if it wasa few pounds, but nearly 40 is a lot to loose in one go.

do got me the number they registerd with the gouvernment as there business number (so they could get the 087 number to get more money outa us knitters). dp said to tell him if they still didnt answer as they aren’t following there agreement they signed upto or something. not sure i want to go down that route. seems a bit much for £40 worth of stuff tbh though, or am i being soft. dp thinks i am, but he’s a londoner that kinda hard with stuff like that.

but yep its annoyed the hell outa me i guess lol

You deserve to be annoyed.

Here’s their contact information (which you probably already have. Suggestion: fill out the email contact form briefly, with just the facts. No drama, no accusations. If you do not get a response in 48 hours, write to their office (the address is there). Again, just the facts and a request that they solve the problem promptly – either send the yarn or refund your money. Keep your tone firm but businesslike.


This is a large company and I imagine they drop the ball (pun intended) sometimes, but I am sure that they would like to solve the problem as much as you would. I don’t believe they are out to cheat you. I have ordered from them for shipment to the U.S. and there were no problems. Again, keep your communications businesslike and to the point: yarn or refund.

im now in total shock, i had been trying to get hold of them for weeks, and have just managed it!

they said that they were really sorry they were having trouble with a supplier and am i happy to wait, i said no its dragging on a little to long, i was told ok then i will pass your details onto theire accounts dept who will do a full refund by the end of the week. omg after so long waiting im amazed that its actually being sorted out. im thrilled now though. :woot: :woohoo: :cheering:

just need to start yarn shopping as soon as its back in the account yey lol

than you all for your help, its been a long time sorting this one. just typical the day after i post it gets sorted lol

We should all contact them and tell them that we want to order from them but will not until our friend gets their order or their money back. Tell them that everyone on Ravelry and all the knitting boards will know about their crappy service–or lack of service. I’m going to right now.

Nevermind. Just read your last message. I was on my way, though!

I hope they do get your money back FAST!!!

just to update you guys.

i e mailed and called on the same day being told by the guy i spoke to that he would start the process of the refund that day, i would have the money back in my bank within 3 working days, fine i said.

i’ve just recieved an e mail saying it could take upto 28days from now!!!

not a happy chappy. i havent replied yet, but i will be doing so. i want to calm down first ratherthan just ranting at them!!

not a happy chappy now

I ordered a pattern book from them over a month ago, got an e-mail saying it was out of stock, I’ve emailed them on Monday - no response so far! I did read on ravelry that they had a bad customer service though in one of the British groups, but I think if it comes to it I can use Paypal Dispute. I’ll try e-mailing again

it took me 3 attempts to get them to answer my e mails, i called god knows how many times to be fobbed off. the guy taht answers the phone (when he actually bothers!!) tells you one thing and the truth is totally different.

i do have a direct number for angel yarns if thats any help (i got through 1st time on this number) if you want it.

they are useless though. if i were you i’d ask for your money back and buy else where you may actually get it that way!!

to be fairt though this is the 2nd order i ordered some jeagar yarn and 10mm circ’s, tey sent the yarn with a note saying that the circ’s were out of stock and wouldnt be in for about 1 month. i cancelled the needles and they sent me a different set instead with no hassel. but this time its awful.

not sure how to handle them tomorrow. being nice hasnt worked

never ever agaion will i buiy fro angel yarns they are awful

I just checked my paypal account and they only let you dispute transactions up to 45 days - oh dear think I’m a week over now. I have sent two e-mails and no reply!
ETA actually tried it anyway in paypal resolution centre and it appears to have accepted it

paypal are usually pretty good, worldpay cant do anything for me which is a shame. i was hopeing they could help.

i have a direct dial number for the uk but thats not a lot of help to you in america really is it.

the only e mail address i got through on was me saying i was having trouble contacting them, i’ll dig out the addy later on so prehaps that may work for you. wortyh a try.

theres a lady on ravelry that used to work for them, she said that they’d take orders and payments for magazines that hadnt even been printed yet!! ganerally not a good company.

as yet no money, i was promised it over a week ago now. i’m planning to contact the people in the uk (for the life of me my heads gone blank with what tere called) that oversee compniaes and make sure the consumer is treated right.

Im $66 out of pocket not including the amount i’ve spend on international phone calls.got to be about $80+ now trying to get this sorted out.

i hope you get it sorted out as well.

good luck honey