Ordering yarn from Walmart

Grrr :grrr:

So I order 12 skeins of Jiffy to get the same lot #. Wait 3 weeks and nothing.
I go up to find out I’m not in their order box.
She says she has some on order and will throw an additional 12 on. It should show up in 2-3 weeks but may be as early as the 15th.

I was there yesterday and decided to check. There in the Jiffy bin was 12 skeins (and ONLY 12) with the same lot # in the bin. Nobody had called to tell me they were in.
I grabbed them up and found the fabric people to tell them I picked up what I had on order.
They didn’t care.

Not only were the skeins I had on order in the bin for anyone to grab they were at the front of the bin so had someone bought even one I’d have to re-order. :wall:

I wish Jo-Annes wouldn’t have scaled back. When I was young we had one 1/2 mile from my house.

At least I got the yarn to make a sweater for me. Now the wait for the Options to be delivered intensifies.

I had that same problem with ordering yarn at Michaels. Checked back weekly for a month, finally gave upand ordered some from either Herschner’s or May Maxim. I never got a call from Michaels tht the yarn was in!

UH! You were fortunate and obviously they don’t knit and just want your money! I order online from Joann’s and I think they’ll do their best to send the same dye lots, quite often they have free shipping coupons for an order over $25. And, I usually get my order within 1 week. Mary

I was very fortunate nobody picked any up. It seems the amount in the color bin is changing every time I go in.

When I first went into see they had the color of Jiffy I wanted not only were the colors of the different lots different but the length of the hair on them was very different. It is highly doubtful I could’ve got wrong lot numbers to match up well enough.

I’ve done merchandising at Wally World and I imagine the cause is extreme communication issues between the manager of the department, the lackies in the department and upper management when the department manager is off. (Shipment comes in when manager is off and upper manager tells lackies to stock the shelf with my order.)