Ordering On-line

What are your favorite sites for ordering yarn on-line? I’ve seen mentions here and there, but I would like a good idea of the top site (according to KHers).

I’m sorry if this has been covered in another thread before - :wink:


Littleknits!!! Hands down!

Webs (yarn.com). They have a huge selection, with tons of stuff on sale. Some people think they have slow shipping, but I always get their packages way faster than anyone (except the Loopy Ewe, which is my favorite place if I am shopping for sock yarn!!!)


KnitPicks, YarnMarket, but most of all - Meg Swansen’s Schoolhouse Press They have my favorite wools and great needles and tools.

[B]Looks like I’ll have try Knit Picks. But right now I like JoAnn’'s. If our JANn’s here doesn’t have it, I go on line.


If I need acrylic, I get it from Joann.com. (Added bonus with them–if you shop on their site through igive.com, a percentage of the sale goes to the nonprofit of your choice.)

Ditto Jill A. with WEBS. And if what I’ve ordered was out of stock, they’ve emailed & told me, AND allowed me to make a substitution. Also just ordered from the Loopy Ewe for the first time…expecting my package any day now!

I’ve also ordered from Supercrafty. She’s very nice. She’s got flat rate shipping. (And it helps a stay-at-home mom with a very ill child.)

I’ve ordered from Knitpicks.com, yarn.com, fullthreadahead.com, sarahsyarns.com and littleknits.com and have gotten excellent prices and service from all those sites.

So far I have ordered from knitpicks and littleknits. Knitpicks had super fast delivery and I love the pair of options I bought from them. Little knits has not arrived yet but the order has shipped as of yesterday. I thought the wait between order and shipping (over a week) was a bit long but the yarn is to die for at an unbeatable pri

I been to afraid of ordering yarn on-line.

Don’t be! It’s perfectly secure!

My hesitation is still that I like to go to the store and pet and cuddle the yarn before I take it home…

I went ahead and got the color cards so I could touchy feely the yarn I was contemplating at Knitpicks. Kind of helps reduce the anxiety!

knitpicks, WEBS, and kyarns.

I also like Halcyon yarns and recently I tried woolgirl.com. She supports independent dyers and her selections are different and great. My yarns arrived wrapped in tissue paper, and with two gifts and a handwritten note. It is a great site, check it out

The sites I have shopped from are: [B]elann.com[/B], [B]morethanyarn.com[/B], [B]knitpicks[/B], [B]Webs[/B], [B]JoAnn[/B], and [B]Ebay[/B].

I like Elann for the really low prices and my orders have managed to get to me within a week. More Than Yarn has the lowest price for Malabrigo I have seen so far.

Sharly: Yes, personally going into a yarn store is still the best because you do actually get to feel the yarn. cloud9

Hi’ya! :waving:

I have favorite Ebay yarn shops that I prowl through when I am looking for Premium yarns such as NORO; Rowan; or Elsebeth Lavold Signature Yarns.

Elann.com has great deals on many quality yarns and patterns!

The Loopy Ewe!!!:cheering: Sheri’s customer service is [B][I]PHENOMENOL[/I][/B]!! The shipping is super-fast and all of her products are high quality.

PS. If you’re a sock knitter you’ll love it even more…she’s got [I]loads[/I] of yarn from fabulous indie dyers that are just [I]gorgeous[/I]…she’s also recently started ordering lace yarns too. (I’m trying to get my hands on some Wollmeise right now!! cloud9)

Here’s the link: http://www.theloopyewe.com/

Hi Dreamsherl! :waving:

I have been dissappointed in some yarn I bought online.

Once, the shade of red was too orange.

Another time, the “white” was too oatmeal/greyish.

Another time, the “straw” color was too gold.

Another time, the “feel” of the [U]so-called[/U] merino wool was [U]not soft.[/U]

But, overall, my online yarn shopping has been GREAT!
Quick delivery, good prices, fair shipping costs.

[B]I still support my LYS’s![/B] There is something wonderful about being able to [U]see and feel[/U] the yarn BEFORE PURCHASE is made…and being able to return unused skeins!