Ordering from Webs during sale

Anyone place an order online during the Web’s summer sale? I placed an order on Monday and have not received a confirmation. I realize it is probably taking them a little longer right now, but I am of course impatient!


I did… and was VERY disappointed. They emailed me almost a week later to tell me that what I had ordered was sold out and they would have to order it. :noway: So, I chose another color and they were very hesitant to expedite my shipping…they tried using the "but look at the fantastic price you are receiving. I had to argue and remind them that it was in NO WAY my fault that they werent prepared for their own sale. :roll:

I hope you have a much better experience! Its worth it to send them an email to check on your order.

I placed an order yesterday and got the automated confirmation that they received my order. I’m not really in any hurry for the yarn, I just hope they don’t cancel my order.

I would definitely check on it if you haven’t received a confirmation. Most cart systems are automated so that if you place a successful order you should get a confirmation automatically. If you didn’t get one, it could mean the order never went through.

I emailed and they do have my order and said I should have gotten an auto-confirm email, which I never did. (I did check my junk mail folder). They claim it will be going out in the next couple of days.


Whew! Glad you checked.