Ordering from the U.S

I’ve squirrelled away about £40 ($80) to buy wool and needles from littleknits.com, taking advantage of the positive exchange rate, but wanted to know what I should expect to allocate for shipping? Does it greatly depend on weight, or is it the distance? Shipping from Seattle to South Yorkshire, England.

I would e-mail cusr=tomer service about the shipping charges. I would think that weight and distance would be a factor in the cost.

I tried to buy some Susan Bates needles from USA to be sent to England and the shipping would have been $30 for 2 packs of double pointed needles. :gah:

Definitely depends on the weight! Small items like DPNs shouldn’t be a problem since they can be sent regular airmail in a bubble envelope. I’ve sent things to the UK and for 4-5 pound packages it should be around $30. Also keep in mind the more you order there could be duty due when it arrives.