Ordering from knit picks

for those of you who have ordered from knit picks, how soon did you get your order? i ordered some needles sunday night and i basically want them yesterday. :rollseyes:

It was probably three days for me, maybe four but I doubt it. If I were you, I’d expect to get them tomorrow or the next day. The suspense will make it all the more exciting when it arrives!!! Enjoy your KP stuff :smiley:

that’s what i was hoping. i’ve been checking my order status last night and today and it still says my order is pending. but other times when i’ve ordered stuff online it would say that for days and then all of a sudden it would list like two days’ of activity all at once and say it was in my city at that moment. i’m REALLY hoping that’s what’s going on. :pray:

Did you do the free shipping? Takes a bit if you do that. I usually pay the extra to get it to me quicker!

nope. i just got a pair of needles tips and some cables. $11.47 including tax [I]and[/I] shipping. you just can’t beat that!

Just so you know, I didn’t pay extra for shipping and mine still came in about three days. Make sure you let us know when it comes!! ;D

Mine usually comes fast but this order is slow for some reason. I did the free shipping and it shows on the website that it has shipped.

Usually it’s super fast though. But I’ve never ordered this much (About $100.00 worth, hee!)

I never pay for shipping, and my orders always arrive anywhere from 2 to 4 days. But, I also live close to the distribution center.

When I don’t qualify for free shipping (most of the time) I get my order in 4 days, 5 tops. With free shipping, it takes longer.

For me I haven’t noticed any difference between free and paid shipping. Both usually take a week for me. Knitpicks, as far as I can tell, always sends parcel post, as opposed to first class as most companies do, so the transit time (after shipping) is about the longest of any company I’ve ordered from, other than some book shipping places which send media mail.

I have to agree with mdwezi that KP has the longest shipping time I have from any company I’ve used. I made an order I think it was early last week from KP (Tuesday?) and I still have not received it. However I did make an order through yarnmarket and received it Monday. So I don’t understand the delay with them, luckily I’m not in a huge rush.

they FINALLY shipped today. i’ll let you know when i get them. saturday would be lovely. :rollseyes:

I ordered the Options set from KnitPicks on 7/3 and I received them in the mail on 7/10. Not too bad considering it was the holiday week. The last order I placed with them took about the same time and both orders were with free shipping.

Different areas have different ship times. I think my order took 12 days from the order date to arrive. I don’t know if it’s strictly proximity, but it’s definitely different all over.

I also think second packages are slower, especially if you “test drive” some before ordering the complete set. :teehee:

IT CAME! IT CAME! :woot:
i absolutely l:heart:ove the cable. i attached the needle tips and put it around my neck, and it just hung there with the needles pointing straight down. there’s no way i could have done that with my susan bates. one (or both :shock:) of them would have tried to poke my in the eye. the susan bates cables don’t even begin to compare with the KP.
they also sent me some fondlings. if you had seen me when i pulled them out of the envelope, you would be calling them that, too. :teehee: essential solid is on the left, telemark is on the right. i like them both, but the essential seems just a little softer and smooshier. they’re both definitely on my list to buy.
all in all, i guess it didn’t take to long for it to come. it was only in the mail for two days. now if i can just ignore KH long enough to get those socks done! :roflhard:

[COLOR=blue]Good Morning! my 2 cents worth [/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]I placed an order on 7/11, it shipped 7/12 and it is expected to arrive 7/18- I paid for regular postage. It seems to be about the same amount of time with either free shipping or pd (unless you pick 2nd or 3rd day delivery) It does seem that they are a bit slower than most companies that I order from. But their products are sooo worth the wait. :)[/COLOR]

someone once told me that KP orders containing books take longer than non-book orders.

I bought only books from KP a few months ago but I forget how long it took.

the last order I received was placed on 6/6 and shipped on 6/7. I got it on 6/13. it was DPNs and the chart keeper. free shipping, slowest way possible, and I live in California. I think the order shipped from Ohio.

they seem to have raised all their prices recently. still good and lower than everyone else, tho :).