Ordered Options, what to make

I was going to put off getting them for a month or three but a situation arose that caused me to get them now.

I will at least be into the last half of the front panel of a kid’s sweater by the time they show up. I don’t think it would be a good move to switch the needles and throw off the gauge. But what do I know.

I should have yarn showing up to start an adult Cardigan sweater ABOUT the time the Options show up. But that may require not doing anything with the yarn or the needles for a few days. I’m not very good about not playing with new toys.
I do have some cotton for washcloths. But that seems boring and I’d hate to be stuck in the middle of one and have the sweater yarn show up.

I think I’ll have to make a trip for some buttons to make the above mentioned Cardigan and that store should have the yarn that is what I had in mind for the Aran sweater that I had in mind for the Options. But a cabled sweater may be a little (or a lot) difficult for me at this point.

I could go a totally different route and make Raglan in-the-round which would be a good primer for converting sections of the Aran. Raglans in-the-round was also a reason for the Options.

oooh! How fun! Anticipation :mrgreen:

I just recently got my Harmonies from KP and haven’t stopped using them since! I too had a hard time deciding what to make first-in the end I went with making some knitted shopping bags; a modified version of the free pattern on KP called Mary’s Summer Bag (I think that’s it!). I used cotton I already had on hand and I really loved making them!

If I were you I’d go ahead and make the raglan-you seem most enthusiastic about that project, and making raglan in the round is really fun! My second choice would be the washcloths, since they are really quick and would be great because you could quickly finish and move on to something else with your brand new needles.

Have fun deciding!

I’m “most” enthusiastic about making cabled sweaters. They’re a sweater I actually like and they look like a challenge, which I also like.
But I’m only at the point of doing minor changes to change sections into “rounds” with the kid’s sweaters so I think changing a cabled sweater might be biting off more than I can chew.

I do like Leo and I could do a Raglan like that.
That would be a little like melting a Raglan and an Aran together sans twisting.

The (first and) last washcloth I did was moss. The idea was to get me used to K1P1, which it did. But it was also enough to make me leery of washcloths.

Leo is a nice looking sweater!

Just do it! You never know until you try.

to do the two arms to the sweater, you can do them both at once on a single loop, and get used to the feel of the options, the baby wont mind if you have tiny gaps at the criss cross
but you forgot one option on the poll


You’re a bad influence. :wink: