Ordered from Debbie Bliss

I placed a order from Debbie Bliss yesterday. I could not see any place it told how long it takes to get your order. I might be in trouble, I need the 60 in" addi needle by Sat. morn for my sweater class. I don’t think I’ll have a need for two that size, so I’m not going to buy one from the LYS. :pray: :shrug: Does anyone know about how long it should be?

? :?? I don’t see how you ordered from Debbie Bliss as she doesn’t sell directly (or I thought she didn’t). What’s the website you ordered from?

I clicked on the Debbie Bliss site at the top of this page. As I think about it I guess it was Elann.com that the order went to.

Elann. Oh heck then, you should be in good shape. I would say you should get it by Saturday. I’ve ordered from them LOTS and they’re fairly quick.

Did you create an account? Click on ‘Your Account’, and then ‘Shopping History’ - well, I’d try this tomorrow to make sure it is updated. I think it will tell you when it is shipped.

I :heart: Elann.

[size=6][/size] Thanks :smiley:

Oh yeah, Elann is usually very quick! I love Elann :hug: