Order of the Phoenix Knits

Was it just me or were the knits in this movie incredible? I want to make Hermione’s V-Neck Gryffindor Hoodie.

This one: http://z.about.com/d/movies/1/0/J/5/P/harrypotter5pic30.jpg

I also like both Hermione’s sweater here and Luna’s as well.

memememememememe! i watched THIS movie through knitter’s eyes and there were gorgeous pieces everywhere!

Oh.my.goodness. Last night I went to see the new Harry Potter and it’s the first time I saw an HP movie since i’ve been a knitter. I loved the knits, but it distracted me from the movie sometimes!!! lol During the scene where they formed Dumbledore’s Army, everyone was wearing awesome Fair Isles: sweaters, hats, scarves, everything. It was so cool! I loved Hermione’s Fair Isle yoke sweater :smiley: Great movie, and seeing it through knitter’s eyes was a totally different experience!


a v-neck hoodie?!? i haven’t even seen it yet and i’m drooling on the inside. :drool: i refuse to look at pictures until after i’ve seen it. i’m gonna have to see it AT LEAST twice in the theater so i can see the knits and then see the movie. :roflhard:

[SIZE=“1”]and people think i have a problem [I]now[/I]. :shock: :roflhard:[/SIZE]

I have a question for those of you who have seen the most recent movie…Have the designs on the kids school scarves changed?

I know that originally each school scarf had two colors, equal blocks of each color. Lately I have been seeing scarves for each school that have a dominate color with thinner stripes oF the second color…


My concert band will be playing music from the Harry Potter movies in our next spring concert and I wanted to make a scarf of each school…one for each of the four of us that play percussion.

Being the AR person I am, I want to make them the “right” way! LOL


I believe the scarves are the same as in the third and fourth movies, with the trapped bar design. :slight_smile:

I too was totally distracted by all the fabulous knitwear! Every time I saw something, I was like, “Oooh, I have to knit that!”… until the next piece came along. Apparently the last-minute knitting of my Ravenclaw outfit didn’t suck all the knitting energy out of me after all. :wink:

Yes, the Griffindor scarves were dominantly maroon with the smaller stripes of gold.

I also like the blue shrug/shor sweater that Luna Lovegood wore. It would be cute for my daughter.

Please, please, please, no one make anything Umbridge wore…unless you change the colors.

I happen to look very good in pink :stuck_out_tongue: The ONLY one of hers I was very taken with, is the lace cardi… Hers just didn’t fit properly.

Have you seen these patterns yet?


I saw it last night, and I was looking at Umbridge’s cardigan. I think I’ll try to copy that one.

I liked Ginny’s winter hat in this one…is it bad that I want to go see the movie again to get another look?

No, I want to go back, too!

If I remember correctly, the width of the stripes had something to do with your year at Hogwarts. It changed each book because they were a different year.

It was same for movie 1/2 and then the same for movie 3/4. You didn’t really see school scarves in this movie, as they seem to be spending a lot more time out of uniform. I thought it was purely that they wanted a scaft that was a little less ‘out there’.

Just saw the movie ~ LOVED IT~!!:thumbsup: I like this one better than #3… ~ it seemed to me to have more of a definite plot~

LOVED IT~!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

haha definately different to see now that I’m a knitter. That’s all I kept looking at was what they were wearing!!! Loved all the knit items, especially Hermione’s hoodie!

Not so impressed with the movie though I felt they really skipped a lot and of course the book is always better.

Was anyone able to form a pattern for this Hermione sweater?

I’m going to develop one based on my measurements and the Book of Sweater Patterns after I take the bar exam this month, but haven’t done so yet.

I think it could be pretty simple to take a top down raglan and knit that and add a hood.