I’m having a problem doing a YO k2gether on a baby blankie with my addi turbos–I simply CANNOT get the need under the 2nd stitch. Do you think using Options migh help? They appear to be sharper and I thought they might go under the stitch better. I’ve never used Options before and I’m worried about whether they’ll stay together since they’re interchangeable. Need some advice from the experts please…

That was supposed to be the “needle” I can’t get under the 2nd stitch, not the “need”…

Sharper needles would be easier, but I’m not sure why you’re having problems with it… a k2tog shouldn’t be hard with any needle… are you doing it properly? :think: Hmm…maybe you are doing it too far up the needle? Try it more toward the narrowed end of the needle where the stitches would be looser.

Knit2togethers don’t usually give me a hard time. It is when it is 3 or more stitches that I have trouble.

If you plan to go with interchangeable circulars anyway, you could use a smaller needle size on the left (that carries the stitches.) And the regular size on the right (working needle.) That gives you more wiggle room. Just remember to switch back to the correct size afterwards.

I don’t know why I’m having so much trouble. It’s like I just can’t get the needle under the tighter one. Maybe I need to practice some more?

Practice makes perfect, so they say :slight_smile: Keep trying and you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

Perhaps you are knitting very tightly? When I first started out I was an extremely tight knitter and getting into the stitches was difficult. With time I learned to loosen up a little. If this is the case, you might try loosening up a little bit along with practicing the k2tog stitch … eventually it will get easier!

Is it worth ordering a single interchangeable for the sharper tip, or just keep trying to work with the addi’s?

Yes, KnitPicks OPTIONS would be easier. If you own a pair, go for it. If not, before you run out and buy some, do as Jan recommended: slide the two stitches closer to the needle tip before working them together.

Think of it as a swimmer, high up on a diving board. He doesn’t jump off the board at 3 feet from the end. He gets right up to the end and then jumps off. Same goes for knitting. My “working stitches” always have to queue up to the end of the diving board to be worked, and then they get to dive off!

Are you knitting too snugly? Folks who knit ‘tight’ or ‘snug’ have a harder time with such things as K2T.

I think that sometimes it also depends on the yarn. I have a hard time with the K2tog if the yarn is thin and I’m using needles that are more round than pointed.:wall:

In fact, when I first got my addi’s I was so excited I had to use them rigt away…however, I was working on a market bag with cotton and had to change back to my Options after doing a few rounds of YO, K2togethers…I really needed the pointy tips instead.:knitting:

Try relaxing your tension first. Then think about investing in sharper needles. But the sharper they are, the more your fingers might suffer from being poked by them!

Sgtpam is correct, too. If the yarn is an unstretchy cotton that could also affect how hard it is. What weight yarn and fiber are you using?

You can order one or two sets of KP Options to test them. That’s what I did and when I loved them I ordered the whole set.

Thanks for everybody’s help. I just ordered an Options needle & cord to give it a try for the K2T. I hope I like them–I must admit I’m worried about attaching the needle and the cord and how smooth the connect is, but we’ll see.

The join is very smooth or at least it has been with all of mine. I do recommend using something like this grippy shelf liner to tighten (and loosen) the needle along with the tightening tool. I’ve never had one unscrew when using the grippy thing.

If something is not right with the needles/cable contact KP and they’ll replace it for free. They have great customer service.

This is probably WAY to simple a reply, but the VERY FIRST thing that popped into my brain while reading your question was “I wonder if her stitches are on backward.” If you slip the stitch off and turn it and put it on the needle, do your needles go in easier. I am a newbie too and sometimes…unbeknownst to me…grimlins get up in the middle of the night and reverse some of my stitches! LOL! I swanny, I have NO idea how in the middle of the row a stitch or two will get reversed. Sometimes if I lay it down and leave it for a minute, then pick it up, I pick it up and start going the other way…happy, but clueless until I start the next row. Then…not so happy! You may just want to check it out. If this is the stupidist, most insane reply you have ever gotten, just please delete it. thanks :cool:

No it’s true - a stitch that’s wrapped backwards can be tight.

I don’t understand what you mean by “wrapping the stitch backward”. Don’t you always wrap counterclockwise? Back to front and off?

Some people don’t - they wrap to the front, then under and to the back.

I guess I still don’t understand. I go under and pick up the thread on my left needle, wrap from the back and around the right, and off the left. Is there another way you’re talking about?

Take a look at the knit and purl videos; they show the way to wrap the yarn around the needle so the sts aren’t twisted.

We tried discussing this clockwise/counter clockwise issue before, but the problem was that some people look at their work/hands differently and saw it the opposite way even if they were doing it the same. :lol:

I don’t know if you knit english or continental, but there are also still photos of the knit stitch here if you scroll down: