Options - which needles to buy?

I live in England, so Knitpicks - although they will gladly take my money - won’t mail the goods. I have a friend who will redirect the parcel from the States - but don’t want to take advantage of her having to post multiple packages.
So - I am definitely going to order the Options package - but what else should I get? I mainly knit jumpers for adults, socks, and lace shawls. I want to give the socks on one long circular a try - so know that I will need a longer cable for that.
I am going to treat myself - what would your choices be?


I ordered and :heart: love :heart: the Options set. I now want to order most all of the others :rollseyes: I knit lots of socks, when I do I now use 2-24" circs…so I hope to get 2 of sizes 0-3 in these lengths, as well as 2 each of the 0-4 dpns.
Also, I want to get the larger interchangeable needles and a couple of more 24 & 32 in cables…perhaps a 47 or 60 for trying magic loop knitting.
LOL, I wasn’t much help…I’m an enabler for certain :rofling: :roflhard:

I like you! I love enablers - the last time we came over to the States my friend ‘enabled’ me into what was practically a new wardrobe.
I had on my list already the double pointed needles, and a long cable, and the size markers - and somewhere on the forum someone said about getting more of the inserts. I had thought of getting the larger needle tips but most of the things that I do at the moment are on finer yarn, so I think that would be pointless (pun not intended!)
I guess if I need more then my best friend over this side of the water has a brother in Tallahassie …

I also LOVE the options needles.
i recommend the id tags and more pouches for certain. i have all of my needle tips in the 3 pouch pages and each length of cable in the double pouch pages. so with just the original set, i already “need” another set of the 3 pouches. I’m also going to buy a longer cable and a size 13 needle for some felting.

Am also in the UK and I am a dreadful shopper - I mean I start something and its like “ah sod it I’ll blow the whole months budget on this” - which is exactly what I’ve done with the options set. I’ve ordered everything (the full set plus all the additional needles and cables, the markers, the measuring tool etc) and 2 spare of each set of inserts (plus the rick rack purse pattern) :oops:

I figured that as someone very kindly offered to do the same thing as you (post to them they post it on) cough Ingy cough I would order the lot to save me having to beg to do it again :rofling: If I hate them when I get them (unlikely) I’ll likely do the ebay thing with it =P

I got my options this week. I like them, but they aren’t exactly as nice as the Addis. They are slightly more pointy, which is ok, but one of the cables had some rough plastic bits where it joined with the screw part. It actually bothered my little finger on my right hand, but I used a fine grit sand paper (220) and sanded it down. Now I’m just knitting up a storm.

I think it’s a great economical alternative, though I am keeping my existing Addis, and will get those in 16 inches when I need them (the Knit Picks sets don’t offer a 16-inch cable. At least, not yet! )

It may be summer, but I can’t stop knitting wool! :slight_smile: