Options untwisting?

i just got my set of options needles, and i’m having the problem where my right needle comes untwisted while i’m knitting…i’ve caught it before it comes completely disconnected, but it’s getting irritating…
i tried using their little key thing to see if i could get it any tighter, but no such luck.
any suggestions? :shrug:

Try switching the needle tips on the cable. Maybe for some reason that tip doesn’t screw onto the cable properly, but it will on the other side. Seems kinda silly, but it’s worked for me before. :shrug:

The only time I have ever had that happen when I wasn’t using the key. There is a possibility that the tip or the cord is wonky. What I would probably do is take the tip off one end and cap it, take that tip and attach it to another cord, knit the work off and then switch the other tip.

The point behind it all, of course, is to see if it keeps happening when the needles are on another cord.

If it doesn’t tighten with the key or on a different cable, then you may have a defective needle tip. Call up customer service and tell them what’s wrong, they’ll send you new tips for free! That’s what they did for me a few weeks ago, good luck!

called them…recently their manufacturer had the issue on this particular patch of needles…they will send you new ones to replace the faultly ones

thanks for the advice. should i be trying them ALL out to see if they are all defective? or just call them about this set i’m working with right now?

i’ll try switching the needles out though…

Go through and test everything. That way if something else is defective you can get it all replaced at once, instead of having to call back again. Check all the tips, and all the cables.

yes, test everything. just make sure you use the key. they don’t stay tight without it.