Options owners, come talk to me

I know there are a ton of threads about this, but I have some very specific questions. What are the pros and cons of these needles? Did you buy any extra needles, cables, etc…? If you didn’t, did you find you needed something you didn’t buy?

I’m probably going to buy them and a set of 13’s. I just can’t imagine what I’d need the 15’s or 17’s for though.

This thread lists a lot of pros and cons.

I absolutely love my Options needles and so far I’ve found the set pretty much sufficient for my needs. I did recently buy some 60" cables for magic loop knitting and the needle sizer tool which I thought would come in handy since the sizes aren’t marked on the needles (one of the cons).

The needles are super pointy and slick. The joins are perfectly smooth and the cables are amazingly flexible. I think they are a great value for the money and worth every penny (and then some)!

I have them and didn’t purchase anything extra. I still want to get the 13’s, 15’s, and 17’s, more cables (they are divine!) and some of the smaller circular needles as well. I like knitting with bulky fibers so the 15’s and 17’s are great for that. I’m very happy with them and my daughters love them as well.

Since they came out I have been ordering some of the Options needles about every 10 days. I purchased the Options set, a second set of needles in sizes 4-8, 13, 15 and 17 needles, extra 24", 32", 40,47, and 60 inch cables, the needle sizer and extra pages for the book. I also purchased the circular needles 0-3 in 16 and 24 inch lengths. I think I am done as I have Addis in 32 inch lengths.

I just love the cables, the needles, everything about the set. I moved all of my wips to them and started several new ones. I have nothing but good to say about the needles. I have worked with about 10 different yarns on them and had not problem with any of them. I seemed to breeze right through a lace shawl and a worsted Christmas stocking. I had a problem with one size 7 needle and Knit Picks promptly replaced it.

I think I figured that I had spent about $130 on the items I ordered and it would have cost over $1000 to buy the same thing in Addis. (12 size needles, 5 cable sizes equals 60 needles plus another 5 double sizes equals another 25 possible needles. 85 needles times an average Addis price of $12 equals $1020. Plus now I have the benefit of having every size I could possibly need.

I have the set and LOVE them. The extras I bought are:

The ID tags: I keep the tag for the size 4 needles in the pocket with the size 4 needles, 5 with 5, and so on.

size 13, 15 17 needles. I know i’ll use the 13s, but don’t know about the other 2.

60" cable for magic looping, but find is super long and a bit much to work with. Of course, i’ve never magic looped before, but almost wish i had bought a shorter length.

an extra set of 3pouch pages (to store my needles in: i have one size in each pouch) and a set of 2pouch pages to keep cables in.

I also adore my Options set. I recieved extra pieces for the set today.

One of the biggest cons is that they do not have a 16" cable option - above US 4, which is perfect for knitting adult sized hats. This doesn’t bother me as I have an extensive collection of Addi’s in 16" that I can use.

I also have had a problem with the tips tarnishing (I don’t wear lotion) but Brasso takes care of that, no problem.

The biggest pro to me, besides the cost, is the ability to build the set exactly how YOU want it!

I have the Boye interchangeables, so I didn’t need the entire set. I purchased 0, 1 and 3 in the 32" fixed circs, sizes 5 and 10.5 needle tips and a 40" cable set. The joins are the best I’ve ever seen in an interchangeable and the cables are HEAVEN :heart: :heart: :heart: for Magic Loop knitting.

I am knitting a pair of socks on the size 5 tips with the 40" cable and I have plenty of room and NO LADDERING. Absolutely none. They are slick and pointy, and I am enjoying them SOOOOOOOO much.

I am thinking of getting the other longer cable sizes because these would be a dream for an afghan.

What are you waiting for? Get with it!!! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

I haven’t had my set very long, but I really LOVE it. I’ve ordered the size 13, 15, and 17 needles, and a plastic sleeve to put them in.

The only thing that happened to me, is that one of the cables came out of the metal clasp that connects it to the needle. I called, and they immediately sent a replacement, and they were very nice about it.

Thanks for all the info everybody! I’m totally buying them. I think I should buy some yarn too. Just to see what it’s like. For when I’m living nowhere near a place to buy yarn. Yeah, that’s it.

I bought this set and love it! The only thing I have that isn’t Options are the dpns. I have wood and bamboo for that. I just don’t know how their would not slip out. Otherwise, I’m a total Options snob.

I love them. Just wish the needle # was on the needle. Otherwise, my daughter and I will get great use out of this set! My daughter is also loving their yarn for felting.