Options Needles - UK Distributor Announcement!

OK folks, I mailed Sue last week and she told me to keep it hush hush but that I should watch this space when I asked her if she would PLEASE stock Knit Picks stock.

Today her blog indicates that next week the site goes live so if you want Option in the UK get yerself to Get Knitted! See the blog post here http://getknittedblog.blogspot.com/2007/07/guess-what.html

I really hope that it extends to include the yarns from Knit Picks too.

Ok, call me ignorant if you will, and in my defence I’ll say that until now I wouldn’t have been able to buy this stuff here in the UK…

So, what is so special about Knitpicks: and dare I say what are they…

What will I be able to buy? Will it be great?

I await the mass of responses…


Ok Knitpicks is a very very very popular US yarn store online (www.knitpicks.com) You aren’t ignorant you just didn’t know about them :slight_smile: Its not surprising since they refused to do international shipping.

They have designed and come up with a complete interchangeable needle set that is designed BY knitters FOR knitters. This set is excellent - to get mine I had to bribe Ingrid to get them for me and mail them on to me. It was costly to do this but it was well worth it. You can see the set here: http://www.knitpicks.com/knitting+needle+sets_NL300301.html

The needles are akin to Addi Turbos but interchangeable. A set like this was not previously available until Knitpicks designed it. Before these there was the Denise set (very good but made of resin and sometimes resin needles with the large thick cables they have won’t work well for a project). We also had the Boye Needlemaster set - also a decent set but the cables were just so stiff and not very flexible when working on projects.

Addi turbo needles have a very flexible cord with almost no memory in the cord. They are great little circs BUT they aren’t sharply pointed so doing some things with them (such as lace work) is tricksy. Options solved pretty much all of that.

I could have saved a [COLOR=darkgreen][B]$$$$ FORTUNE $$$$ [/B][/COLOR][COLOR=black]if KnitPicks Options had been available about 4 years ago.[/COLOR]

Besides being [U]the best circs for most projects[/U]…they are also very very very reasonably priced!!! And they sell in sets, or piece by piece. I was able to buy additional size 6 tips for example…and extra 24" cables.

My goodness…the money I have spent on ADDIS, Denise, Crystal Palace, Lantern Moon, and Clover circs! :pout:

Sigh. :shrug: Who knew?

Everything just said about Options is absolutely correct!!! They are WONDERFUL needles. the cord is a joy to work with. Very supple and no memory.

Only one problem with them: you have to wait for them. You can’t hike down to the LYS to grab some. That means no impulsive purchases! LOL

[B][SIZE=6][COLOR=blue]yup! too true! :woohoo:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

(Sings to the heavens) Oh Happy Day! Knit picks stuff int the UK! My swapper spoiled me rotten with Knit picks yarn, how anyone ever uses anything else once they’ve used it is beyond me. I am so happy, my Dad has just asked what I want from Christmas, guess what I’m going to tell him?

I love, love, love my KP Options, but I do have a few issues…

One tip didn’t have any screw threads on the inside and one cable’s key tightening hole wasn’t drilled completely through. But KP’s customer service promptly replaced the defective tips and DH fixed the key hole thingy. FYI: When you get your set, thoroughly check every end, tip, screw thread, join, cable and key hole thingy (yes, it’s a technical term).

I think the case is way too big and clunky, it could totally be streamlined. I actually really [I]hate[/I] the case. I wish it was more like the Denise case, but sturdier. :sad:

But other than that, this set is the best set of needles anywhere. You can not beat them in price vs. function. Sure there are other needles that are higher quality, but you’ll pay out the nose for them. Options are so inexpensive, you can replace broken or lost pieces easily. But they’re NOT cheap needles. They’re VERY good quality for the price. Much better than expected. The only comparable needle out there is Addi Turbos which are expensive and not interchangeable.

I’m excited for you Brits who will be able to buy Options now. It’s great news!!! :happydance:

They look so good :inlove: But they’re nikel plated…I think that’s what I’m allergic to. Does anyone know if the tips would cause a reaction?

I can’t wear nickel earrings, but have no problems with the options. I’ve only had them for a couple of months, but knit on them for hours a day sometimes with no problems.