Options needles have arrived

How exciting, my knitpicks options needles have arrived!!!
On first impressions I don’t really like the wallety thing as the Denise set is just so easy to see what is where…
However, I am now going to go and do a square for the darn throw, and see how I go - I’m very excited :happydancing::happydancing:

Good grief!!! That was like a white knuckle ride!!! Stitches were slipping here, there and everywhere :shock: They are so slippery against my Denise needles! But the pointy tips are very easy to pick up the thread with.
I managed to gain 5 stitches during the course of the square, something I haven’t done before, so have had to undo the whole thing!!! Eeeeek!!
But they are rather nice to use, I think they will just need a bit of getting used to :thumbsup:

Yeah they are slick, but personally I like that.


I love my Options. I love the points on them. If you haven’t already, I suggest going through all your cables and needles to make sure you don’t have any defects. I had several in my kit but all were replaced quickly with no problems.



Lucky you!
I’m low on funds, but I think I will ask for an options set for Christmas this year.

I too was pretty taken aback by the slipperiness, but the cables are so cool that I got over it.
The only thing I’ve found that I’m not quite fond of is the join of the tip and the cable starts to untwist on me a bit, but it’s not that big of a deal

to fix that sneaky cable join, use the little wire key type thing that came with it. slide it into the hole and gently tighten the join. you are using the key thingie as leverage. :wink: works a treat!

hmm… thanks! I never did really figure out what that dohickey was for!:roflhard:

Yeah, they are really slick. But since I’m a REALLY tight knitter, that actually works well for me. I totally :heart: my Options.

I just received my Options set last week. I totally love them. I also ordered a size three fixed circular and an extra cable (60") because I like doing magic loop.
I started knitting my first pair of socks using the fixed circulars and they are great. I can’t wait to start my next pair.

I am getting along much better with them now I am more used to them, and am starting to love them too. The cable is much easier to deal with, and those sharp ends are great!!!
I have stuck labels on the pouches so it should be easier to find things… such a shame that the packaging isn’t so nice.

I don’t care for the color of the OPtions needle holder, but I do like the set up. Unlike the Denise case you can order more inserts and add to the basic Options set. I keep the needles in the 3 divider pages. I wrote the neele size on each pouch with a Sharpie. I put the cables in the 2 divider inserts, also writting the length on each pouch. I put the one piece circulars in either the 1 or 2 pouch inserts, depending on size.

This method allowed me to get multiple neediles in the sizes I use most often and extra cable and keep everything in one case along with the one piece circulars.

When I ordered extra needles and cables for the Denise set there was no place to keep them.