Options needle additions for spring

I wrote KP and asked if the new needles/sizes they were planning for spring were part of the Options Set or the Classic Circs. I wanted to buy the set, but wanted to wait if they were going to add something. So…I just got this reply!

WHAT??! :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:

That would tick me off totally. I was also considering buying a set but was waiting to hear if they were changing the set in any way.

I couldn’t wait and ended up getting a set of Denise’s at my LYS.

I’m letting out a great big ARGGGGHHHH! in your honor.



:?? Considering how much people love the Options and how much they ask for other sizes, it’s strange! The only reason I am not buying the Options is for that reason. I’m sure I’m not alone! :shrug: I guess I’ll buy the Denise set instead.

What other sizes are people waiting for? :shrug:

If you think about it, it’s in their best interest not to tell us what’s coming. That way we’ll buy now AND later when new things come out instead of just waiting to buy later…

Longer classic circulars… probably particularly for magic loop knitting. At least that’s what I’M waiting for.

Longer classic circulars… probably particularly for magic loop knitting. At least that’s what I’M waiting for.[/quote]

That I understand, but when everyone says they are waiting to order the Options set, I dont get it. If they ever add shorter cables, or whatever, it will probably just be something else that you can purchase, not part of the set, right? I seriously doubt they will make significant changes to the core set less than a year after its debut- they would have some very angry knitters if they did :grrr: !

Maybe I am way wrong, but I interpreted that letter in a completely different way. I took it that she also doesn’t know what they’re going to be adding. 'Round where I’m from if you say the phrase "I couldn’t say"or “I cannot say”, it means the same as “I don’t know”. :shrug:

But regardless, it sounds like they aren’t going to be adding what you have been hoping. So sorry! I’m disappointed for you! :verysad:

psst - if you bought them without it (whatever it was), you would still love them anyway!

Thats what I was trying to say, too :happydance:

Well, I understand them not wanting to tell me and I probably did misunderstand them the first time. Anyhoo…I will probably order them as is and just by other pieces as I need them.

RE: the Denises… I HAVE them, but I find I’m looking for projects that I can use the two Option circulars I have now rather than the Denise needles. I love the cord SO much better on the KP needles!! :cheering:

I ordered several of the larger DPNs when they came out and used one of the new sets for my latest pair of socks.

I also just placed an order for the 40 and 47" cords, along with a couple of other things.

I’m sure they’ll eventually add more stuff. It takes time 1) to create a product line, 2) to determine the success of the new line, and 3) expand the new line in the most successful manner possible.

Thanks for sharing their response!

Well new lines of products get out all the time… yes it’s frustrating for people who got the “old” one, but this is why I always wait a little when something new is coming out. :shrug: But it’s very possible they would put new cable lenghts as an additional purchase to the original set. Oh well…

i email to Jasmine 6 weeks ago…she told me she do not know what they are adding …so it that not that she is not telling what she knows…hope this will ease your anger… try knitting a new project that will calm u down… :hug:

Nah, I’m not angry. It was all a misunderstanding on my part based on a previous email and posts here in the forum.

I’ll order them anyway and just buy separate pieces as needed and Addi 16 inchers for hats. It’s all good!