Options Harmony Wood Interchangeables

Does anyone have these yet? Im planning on buying a pair of of the option interchangeables but I cant decide. I have a bunch of bamboo straight needles and the Denise Set and then the steel (I think thats what it is) straight needles from Walmart. Ive never knit with nickel plated ones before. I guess I wonder if I will miss out on something if I bypass the nickel plated ones for the Harmony set. They are just so pretty though.

:passedout: There are a million posts about both the regular Options and Harmony needles here. If you go to the search at the top under your name and type in “Harmony” or some variation of that you’ll get a lot of hits and info on the needles.

As for what to buy…they are so inexpensive I suggest you get one of each to try and see how you like them. I bought a size 7 and 8 and 24 in cords (nickel plated) to test them and I loved them. It took me awhile, but I bought the set recently. :inlove: Those who have the harmony set seem to love them, too.

Based on many opinions I read about here and other forums, and some conversations I’ve had with a few knitters I know, I opted for the nickel plated Options set. I did however buy a couple of sizes in the Harmony wood tips. I must say that I am pleased with my purchase. The Options tips are SO smooth - really great to work with. The Harmony tips are “grippier”, but not nearly as grabby as a typical bamboo needle. I am a tight knitter, and found I could not knit with the bamboo needles at all. I can knit with the Harmony tips just fine, though I prefer the Options. I think the Harmony tips will be great for slippery yarns though where the super slickness of the Options needles might cause a problem.

I got my Harmony set a week ago. I LOVE how they feel and how they knit. BUT I have had to call KP’s twice because of two different needles sizes have splinters in them. They are mailing me FREE replacements. I told the girl I LOVE them but if they keep getting or have splinters I will return the set. She said no they should not wear out and that I just have gotten a few “defective” ones. So I’m waiting for the replacements to arrive. Their customer service is wonderful. I just hope I don’t find any more splinters in :aww:my needles.

I am totally addicted to nickel-plated needles. Addi’s are my favorite, because I prefer needles that aren’t SO pointy (because of the way I knit…I push the top of the needles w/my fingers), but I do absolutely love my KP Options.

So slick and smooth and I just LOVE them! :heart::heart::heart: