Options for Christmas

As I said in another post today I got these from my DH for Christmas. I’ve been knitting with them all day and could NOT love them more. What a wonderfully flexible cable! With every other circular I’ve ever used I’ve had to pour boiling water over it to unkink. I just took these out and started knitting away. At least after I put the needles on the cables. LOL. Seriously, I don’t care if they never come out with the shorter cable. It is so flexible that ML will be a snap. If only they had size 1 and 2 needles!

They are wonderful!! :inlove: I’m also hoping for smaller needle sizes (and larger ones in their dpns!).

You can always get the classic circs in those sizes. They aren’t interchangeable, but the 32" length works well for magic loop – I can fit two socks on them with no problem. Like you said, with magic loop being so easy, I don’t feel the need to get any other lengths.

I REALLY like my Options set. Really flexible cable, sharp tips, and nickel plating. Really the best interchangeable set out there.